DIY Kid’s Travel Headrest

travel headrest

Another DIY “Friday” (I know I’m late, it’s actually Saturday) here at Eat, Drink & DIY!  I’m excited!  This is a great gift for kids.  Especially if you or kids you know are traveling this holiday season.  Headed to Disney World?  Taking a road trip to see Grandma and Grandpa?  These are the perfect travel accessory to make for the younger travelers.  They are quite cheap, easy, and quick to make.  They are also a functional gift.  Not another doll or Lego set.


I got a little too motivated and cut all my fabric without taking any photos of the process.  Sorry.  You will need to print out my pattern twice, cut the two matching pieces and tape it together in the middle.

Then, line up the pattern on your fabric, with the fabric folded over at the top.  Pin the pattern down and cut your fabric out, leaving the fold in tact, as shown above.

Sew with right sides facing in, almost all the way around your headrest with a 1/4 inch seam.  Leave a small gap (a couple inches).  You can see this in the top right corner of my headrest photo above.  This will allow you to pull the fabric back through the hole and get the right-sides back out (as shown below).


Slowly pull the fabric through the hole and get your fabric facing right-sides out.


Using batting, stuff your headrest through the hole you have left .


Do not overfill.  Remember these are little people and too much bulk will make it impossible for them to use with their carseats.


Once you have evenly distributed the batting, carefully line up your opening and pin shut.   You will need to sew this part by hand to finish your headrest.

Please see this link hidden stitch on how to do a stitch that blends in.  I am not an expert on this and she does a great job of showing how to sew-by-hand a stitch that is hardly seen.  Cut your extra strings and you are DONE!  CONGRATS!


I’ve made a couple of them now for gifts this year.  You can find the printable pattern here:  DIY Kid’s Travel Headrest.

Here’s what the printable pattern looks like:
DIY Kid's Travel Headrest

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!  I’m already looking forward to bed!  I stayed up binge watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and then my daughter decided to wake up super early today.  Looks like an early bedtime for me tonight!

Let me know if you decide to make one and how it turns out!