DIY Light Box

light box 1

Another sensory-room post coming your way!  As mentioned several times on the blog already, my daughter has some sensory issues and isn’t your typical 3.5 year old.  She does things on her own schedule and doesn’t do too much pretend play.  She thrives with sensory play and this is one she absolutely loves.

light box 4

This DIY light box is super easy and cheap.  Either clean out a plastic tote you have that is see-through (hers is light blue, not clear), or buy one that is clear.  Obviously, you just need the light to be able to go through it easily.

Find a string of Christmas lights you aren’t using (or buy some).  Put the lights into the plastic tote and let the end you plug in hang out.  Close the tote and plug the lights in.  Flip the tote upside down if the lid isn’t see-through.  The photo below shows how light box hangs out most of the time.  There is a sensory bin underneath filled with dried pinto beans.  (I will be posting about that one soon).

light box6

She uses these letter-making pieces found here: Learning Resources Letter Construction Activity Set to play with the light box.  They invoke creative and learning play.  Best part is they glow when placed on top of the light box.

light box 3

*Obviously, the light box is the most super-fun to play with when the room is dark.

You can use the light box with pretty much any toy you can think of.  Cars, dinosaurs, Duplos, shapes and sorting, play dough (careful on carpet), tea parties, ABCs, it could even be a lit Barbie runway for a fashion show.

light box2

The options and ways you can use this is endless!

Clearly I am a big fan of the letter shape building toy.  A quick FYI: the cards shown came with the letter construction set to show how to build each letter.  I laminated mine and put the hole punch in the top corner.  I had them on a binder ring for awhile. My daughter has since decided she didn’t like the binder ring keeping them organized.  (Go figure!)  As the cards are printed on card stock weight paper, they are durable.  However, not durable enough for my hurricane of a child. Laminating them is not necessary, but for my daughter it was.

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