The Challenge

Hello and welcome to “The Greatest Generation Challenge!” During this time of unprecedented uncertainty and growing challenges because of COVID-19, we need to refocus, restructure, and rediscover not only ourselves but also our communities. We have to unite and act in a way that is not self-focused, but globally-focused. Our time is now. We need to step up and prove our resilience and our compassion. We need to help our neighbors, community, and world. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Day 1: Stay Calm
Day 2: Challenge and Controversy
Day 3: 5 Disposables to Stop Buying
Day 4: Self Discovery
Day 5: Overcoming your Challenges
Day 6: Let’s Get Productive
Day 7: What do you have to give?
Day 8: Treat Yourself
Day 9: Meatless Lunches
Day 10: Let’s get Sewing
Day 11: Carpe Diem
Day12: Set a Schedule
Day 12: Following Intuition
Day 13: Get Creative
Day 14: Boredom Buster
Day 15: National Parks Staycation
Day 16:
Day17: Indoor Camping Staycation