National Parks Staycation

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“The memories we make with our family is everything.” – Candace Cameron Bure

We are officially on spring break in my house! WHOOA! Crazy right? The kids and I haven’t left our apartment and patio for over 2 full weeks now. We locked down and have kept them home. We are doing our part to help “flatten the curve.” I am going a little stir crazy, but I’m sure we will get through this. It’s my kid’s health after all.

Knowing spring break was coming, I ordered a couple things from Amazon the other day to help make our spring break memories. With my daughter’s health issues, we haven’t done too much for spring break these last few years (my son is only a 3rd grader and his prior district was only doing spring breaks every-other-year with their school calendars). Flying anywhere at the moment with her (prior to COVID-19) wasn’t really an option either. Long story short, we haven’t done anything too extreme during spring breaks yet like trip a trip to Hawaii.

This year, we were actually planning on going to Joshua Tree National Park with some friends for a couple nights of camping. It’s a couple hours drive away from here and we were going to see how my daughter was doing when the time got closer to see if she and I were going or not. My hubby and my son would have just gone without us if she wasn’t up to it. We really do enjoy hiking and being outside, especially in a National Park. They are just so gorgeous, breathtaking, and relaxing.

So, are you ready to hear about my plan for our stay-at-home staycation spring break?

Trekking The National Parks Game

This will be a fun game to play with Jackson and my hubby at least a couple times this next week. We will be able to learn about some of the National Parks he hasn’t been to while having fun. My goal for this spring break week is for my son to not spend 14 hours a day on Minecraft. (Fingers crossed).

I also ordered the following two books from Amazon so that we can study and read all about some of the other National Parks in the U.S. that we haven’t been to yet.

National Geographic Complete National Parks


Moon Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon (Travel Guide)

Let me tell you, they look awesome and perfect for our National Parks Staycation.

Click the images to see them the products on Amazon

I will be posting more about our Spring Break National Parks Staycation in the next few days. We are going to have as much fun as possible with this and hopefully create some memories in the process.

I hope you all are staying well and finding ways to enjoy your social distancing.


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