Boredom Buster

Running out of things to keep you occupied already? Are you looking for something else that isn’t Netflix or Disney+ to entertain yourself and/or your kids. Look no further then your own family memories.

For the past few days, my parents have been randomly texting me video clips of home videos from when I was a kid. They are utilizing their time during this social distancing quarantine to take out those old VHS tapes and watch some family videos, and they are hilarious! I was in dance as a kid. Most of the video clips they have been texting me are of the dance recital routines that I participated in. Clearly my parents didn’t have iPhones when I was a kid and they didn’t record us every day, just the bigger events. There are a lot of videos of me from dance retails sitting at my parents house with a couple clips of me running around our house dancing or singing or opening presents at Christmas mixed in.

I am encouraging and challenging you to do the same this weekend. Pull out the old photo albums. Find the old family videos and watch them. Take the time to look at scrapbook you made a couple years ago. Find your wedding album or video. (You know you never take the time to do this normally.)

If you don’t have access to any physical photo albums or videos from when you were a kid (maybe they are still sitting at your parent’s house), utilize your social media account or your photo storage on your computer. Go back a couple years and have fun reminiscing about that trip you took, or your kid’s 1st birthday party.

If you have older kids, bust out their baby photos. Include them in the fun and take an hour or two to look at how much they have grown and changed over the years. Show them things they may have forgotten they did as a youngster.

Unfortunately for my son, we traveled a lot when he was 1-3 years old, so he doesn’t remember any of it. He went on some pretty epic vacations including Hawaii and Pearl Harbo and to Tokyo and Hiroshima… we traveled a lot and he remembers none of it.

Whenever we have brought up places he has been, he always gets wide-eyed and asks “I’ve been there?” Yep. Sorry kid that we didn’t do that now when you are 9 verses 2. No memory of the trip. That’s why this is fun and important to do. Share with your kids the experiences they have had they may not remember. Tell them the stories that go along with those birthdays or vacations or funny mishaps you have photos of. Share their stories with them so they can have that piece of their own history.

The point is, you should take the minute to take a walk down memory lane. Watch some old family videos. Look at some old photos, printed or digitally. Get some giggles out and make it fun. Pop some popcorn and have a glass of wine. Get into it and make it an event. You might get lost in it and loose all track of time.

What better way to kill some time during our social distancing quarantine then to revisit old memories and reminisce about “the good old times?” Have fun and if you encounter a fun memory you forgot about, let me know in the comments! I would love to hear some funny family memories.

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