Get Creative

Yesterday, my son and I made cookies as part of his “homeschool.” We were getting out all the ingredients and realized that we have about 3/4 a bag of chocolate chips left. He has become an increasingly big fan of banana chocolate chip pancakes as one of our meatless lunch meals with some fruit or a smoothie. We have had chocolate chip banana pancakes twice since been on lockdown here. (It will be two full weeks tomorrow!)

Accessing the situation and knowing that buying more chocolate chips might not be that easy in the next month, I asked him “would you rather have chocolate chips in the cookies or save them to use in our pancakes.” To which his reply was “save them for the pancakes.”

So, I got creative. I started rummaging through our pantry and found our “treats” bag. I found a very random assortment of chocolate candies, that I’m assuming were mostly from Halloween (as my kids’ school didn’t allow candy for Valentine’s Day this year).

The cookies ended getting the following chopped up and added: 1 mini Heath bar, 2 mini Kit-Kats, 1 small Cookies and Cream bar, 1 small Hershey’s bar, 1 Dove Dark Chocolate morsel, 1 small sleeve Whoppers (3 candies), 1 fun size package regular M&M’s, a few chocolate chips, and a few white chocolate chips.

It was actually lots of fun mixing in all the candies, and we called the cookies, “candy cookies.” (They are awesome by the way.) The takeaway here is that we made do with what we had on hand. My son also got a chance to practice making choices based on what is better for his future wants and needs.

He thoroughly enjoyed this whole experience, more-so then any other time he has helped me make something in the kitchen. Today he told me he wants to open a bakery and sell the “candy cookies” because they really are that yummy. I mean, how could they not be yummy… cookies + candy = SUGAR!

What started out as a simple “let’s make cookies,” became so much more then that. It was a learning opportunity for him, far beyond learning how to follow a recipe and bake. He is learning to adapt to the situation at hand and how to make substitutions that make sense. He learned to assess his situation and consider his options. He learned how make do with what we had. He learned how to save for future gratification.

Most importantly, it is one of those memories I’m sure he won’t forget either. He is so proud of helping come up with the candy cookies. He can’t wait until we can make them again. So, BOOM! #winning

Morale of this random story… try to make do with what you have and limit your outings. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am becoming increasingly aware that my daughter cannot get sick. Her seizures would spiral out of control and if the hospitals are overflowing, there might not be adequate care available for her.

Stay home, stay safe. Get creative and stop the spread. We can do this.


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