Following Intuition

It’s been one of those days folks. I wasn’t sure I was going to sit down to write anything today. Reading and watching the news and updates on this COVID-19 virus is scary news, especially for me. See, I have a 6 year old daughter with a severe epilepsy and who is also nonverbal autistic because of the type of genetic epilepsy (seizures) she has. Therefore, she checks two of those boxes of 1- disabled and 2- medically fragile.

Normally, the two diagnosis of epilepsy and autism are a daily struggle for us without the virus. I won’t lie, she is a handful and requires a lot of care. Before the virus, we were seeking respite care through our county regional center office. She is a 24/7 job to care for.

The scary part comes in when now, when we are the point where hospital protocols are being drafted that are like wartime triage protocols for treating injured soldiers based on whether or not they will survive. To put it this way… if my daughter and another kid entered the hospital on the same day and both needed a ventilator to save their lives, and the hospital only had one left, my daughter would not be the one they gave it to. She is disabled and medically fragile. Her chances of surviving a severe case of this virus next week or after are slim, especially once hospitals are overrun with sick patients, more strained, and less equipped. It makes sense, and I get it. Save the healthy and able. It’s a very “survival of the fittest” mentality.

She hasn’t been outside of our apartment and balcony for 12 days now, and neither have I. She probably won’t be making it past the balcony and garage for the next several months; because let’s get real, this virus isn’t going to magically disappear at Easter like the current administration is broadcasting. This is our new reality, I am looking at long-term staying at home to keep her safe, basically waiting out herd immunity to kick in.

We are taking it one day at a time now at our house. Just like hopefully everyone else, we are doing our best. So my point, trust your intuition. The Coronavirus did seem like a lot of hype at the beginning and nobody really paid much attention to it. It’s unfortunate, because look at us now.

Remember those days when you could order anything online, like toilet paper from Walmart??? Ya, I do to (it was only about 3 weeks ago). I was probably in that last group of people that got an order shipped to them before the US went crazy on hoarding. I trusted my instincts and ordered some essentials. I also stocked up at that time on some pantry dry-food items. They were delivered before EVERYWHERE was out of toilet paper and canned tuna.

If your instincts are telling you something, you should lean into it. I spent a few minutes feeling silly about ordering granola bars, cereal, and pantry items, but I don’t regret it now. I have an unusual circumstance with my daughter. She won’t be at the top of the list to save if she gets a severe case in the midst of the chaos. Taking action is always better then staying on the sidelines complaining.

Trust your intuition to do what is best for you and your family (within reason). Please stay at home to help stop the spread. Be creative in what you do for entertainment and meals. Utilize Pinterest to find new recipes you can make with what you have on hand. Use any of the streaming services to entertain yourself at home. Read a book (purchase and download if necessary). STAY HOME! Because as much as I can protect my daughter from this virus today, it’s not going to disappear in 2-3 weeks from the world. We have entered an entirely new chapter of life and it involves self-quarantine, the COVID-19 virus, and looking out for those who need it.

So, please be kind to your neighbors and friends. Help anyone that is elderly or medically fragile if you can. Please stay home to help stop the spread of this virus and stay safe!


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