Set a schedule

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having an extremely hard time these last few days getting motivated. I’m trying to not get overly sucked into watching videos on social media, but I’ve spent hours a day doing it lately, it’s addicting. Being stuck at home now for well over a week doesn’t help. Neither does the fact that my daughter’s sleep schedule has been a bit haywire and she has been “partying” in the middle of the night a couple nights in a row now for 1/2 hour to an hour… which leads me to being awake much longer then that.

I had a better morning schedule when my kids were going to school in the mornings. We would get up and do all the morning things to get out the door. We would leave the house around 7 am to get my son to his morning run club. The kids would get dropped off at their classrooms and I would get home around 8 am.

Once home, I would do my yoga for about a 1/2 hour. Then, I would take a quick shower and make my protein meal replacement shake. It would be about 9 am once I was showered, dressed, and had breakfast in my hand for the day. Then, I would go about my tasks for the day until I had to leave to get my daughter at noon and then my son at 2 pm.

We had a fairly set after school routine once we got home. Both kids got snacks and my son did his homework. They would have some free time. Then showers, dinner, free time, snack and get ready for bed.

Last week was obviously an adjustment of epic proportions. I got my son on a new routine of having no Minecraft or iPad time (he is doing his school stuff on our super old iMac desktop computer) between the hours of 8-2 pm. He gets his list of things he needs to accomplish everyday and he (we) pick what order he does them in. Most days he starts with 30 minutes to an hour long “educational” show. (Disney+ has a HUGE selection of National Geographic shows and he has been watching some of them). Then he dives in with the rest the his day after.

My daughter is special needs and medically fragile. We base her day on what she is handling and how her night went the night before. Somedays she gets more “school” in, somedays its more free play and iPad time.

Long story short, I’m not struggling with their schedules, those were easy. It’s getting me off of watching too many videos on my phone. So, I’ve downloaded an app. It’s called “Done.” It allows me to set a schedule with reminders and it also keeps track of my record/streak if I get one going. Some of the things I’ve started adding for myself are: listen to a podcast, read, yoga, self care, 10+ minutes on photobooks for the kids, etc.. These are things I’m going to try to accomplish daily.

I am able to put a timed reminder on each item of when I want to be doing them. I’m hoping this alert will keep me more on track with my day and give myself a little accountability. I have mentioned before on this blog that I want to be productive during this social distancing quarantine. I want to not have wasted all this time on my phone (which I’m sure a lot of you can related to).

Another thing I did was set a screen-time allotment for social media on my phone. I can obviously override this, but I’m hoping it will keep me a little more aware and accountable of how much time I’ve been on. I really wants to be concisely choosing how I spend my time. Getting sucked into the social media has really drained my motivation to do anything else. I’ve also wasted time reading crap I didn’t need to or watching videos that don’t matter. Hoping that by utilizing the “Done” app and the screen time function I will get off my phone more during the endless hours at home. (Wish me luck!)

What’s on your daily to-do list? What are you trying to accomplish during all your homebound hours? I would love to hear about it!


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