Carpe Diem

Quote of the day:
“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”
– John Wooden

We are starting our 2nd week of sheltering at home and practicing social distancing. My family is finding our new groove more and more everyday during this temporary adjustment period. My 3rd grade son is quite efficient at getting his homeschooling done and stays on track well. No, I didn’t give him a daily schedule. I think those are difficult to implement and once you get off schedule you feel like you’ve failed for the day. That’s too much pressure for me and for him.

Instead, I have a list of items for him to do each day. He is (mostly) in control of the order in which he does the list. It gives him control and a feeling of having choices. If you would like my printable I used with him, I have it posted here: Free Printable Homeschool Record Keeper (and no, he doesn’t have to do 20 things a day. However, I am writing down everything he does do from podcasts to educational TV shows so in the event we need to “prove” what he has been up to, we have documentation).

Reflecting back on our first week of our social distancing quarantine, I spent hours upon hours on social media, reading all the funny memes that people were posting. I think it helped me wrap my head around this whole new chapter we were shoved into. I needed to zone out and laugh about it, like I think most of us did. But now, I’m ready to tackle some projects and spend less time on Facebook, killing time.

So, how are you going to carpe diem today while still stuck at home? Are you going to clean out a closet? Declutter your kid’s rooms? Work on that DIY project? Get onto Shutterfly and finally make your kid’s photo albums? (I NEED to do this!) Are you going to set a goal to read a book a week? Are you going to find a course you can take online? Are you going to do some cleaning you’ve been putting off?

What will you accomplish during this weird and temporary chapter of your life? I want to be able to look back on my time during the social distancing quarantine and know that I didn’t spend my entire 24/7 on social media. I want to be able to say I got x number of things done and crossed off my to-do list. I want to utilize this time.

In order to “carpe diem” this social distancing quarantine, I think we all need to get in the right headspace. Think of this time as a gift. A gift you get to slow down and spend time with your loved ones. A gift you get to teach your kids something. A gift you finally have time to read that book. A gift that you finally have time to finish that project.

Let’s switch our mindsets away from “I have to stay home,” to “I get to stay home.” I get the time I need to complete my project. I now get the time to write my book. I now get the time to declutter the house.

Let’s stay positive and not spend ALL day (maybe just a couple hours) watching Netflix and Disney+.


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