Let’s get sewing

I cannot imagine the conditions of health care workers right now. I cannot imagine what it’s like knowing what we are facing and knowing that the supply of PPE (masks, gowns, gloves) are limited and dwindling. Supply isn’t keeping up with demand. This is a major problem that is increasing drastically across the United States.

I have seen several posts and call-to-actions on social media asking for people to sew face masks for our heroic health care workers. Health care workers should not be without masks. Plain and simple. They are already risking enough. If they don’t have masks, we are basically asking them to get the virus while helping others recover from it.

This is how we help while trapped in our own homes on quarantine. Those that know how to sew and have resources on hand, this is how we get in the game to make a difference. Every mask makes a difference. The beauty of sewn masks is they are reusable. The health care employee that gets a fabric mask will have a mask from here on out. While I get that these fabric masks are less effective then the N95 and surgical masks, using a fabric mask is still exponentially better then not having one at all. Fabric masks can be washed nightly to prep for the next work shift. They will save lives while the manufacturers are struggling to catch up to a nation of hospitals demanding more and demanding them now.

I keep relating this pandemic and our society to the original Greatest Generation, as they took action where needed. Women went to work at factories to make supplies to support the war effort. People changed their diets to reduce demand on supplies that were being shipped overseas to the troops. People filled in the gaps wherever they could. This is our chance to fill in a very major and important gap.

I am fortunate enough to have a sewing machine and knowledge from my mom on how to use it. Tomorrow, I fully intend to start making some face masks to donate to medical personal. I personally know 2 people in the healthcare industry within a few minutes drive of my apartment in Southern California. Between homeschooling my two kids tomorrow and normally daily stuff (yoga, showering, food prep, dishes and clean up, etc..) I am going to attempt to make at least 5 masks tomorrow.

I am not entirely sure how many I can make with what I have on-hand at my home, but my goal is to sew at least 10 before Wednesday evening. There are two main designs and I’m going to be doing my own research to see which one is preferred before starting tomorrow. (I will post a link in tomorrow’s blog post of whatever design I decide to use.)

If you aren’t equipped to sew masks, please consider other alternatives to help on this effort… You could:
1- donate money or supplies to a friend or family member that knows how to sew so they can sew more
2- purchase some masks being sold on Etsy to donate to your local hospital (BONUS- you are helping a small business keep afloat by buying from them).
3- if you don’t know anyone that can sew, you could find someone or an organization that is sewing masks by researching online and support by donating directly to them.

Every little bit helps people! We have to look at this virus as a war against our nation and world. It’s times like these we need to step up and help in any way shape or form we can. (Especially when the alternative is sitting on social medial for eleven-teen hours a day or binge watching something on Netflix).

It’s critical we get our medical personal at least some sort of face barrier between them and their patients. It’s really the least we can do. Get sewing or donate to help this millions of healthcare employees stay safe and virus free while they treat our sick.


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