Free Numbers 1-20 Printable

Photo frames mockup

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are handling your social distancing well. I’m at just over an hour left until I’ve officially been in my apartment a week! Today I’m bringing you a cute freebie printable for your homeschool. This minimalistic printable will look cute on your wall or shoved in the front cover of a binder you are using with your little ones. (See bottom of the post for the pdf file, just click the “download” button).

If you’re anything like me, since you don’t have much else to focus on, you’re trying to make the most out of your homeschool and carve out a space for it in your home. Before the Coronavirus, I had actually started cleaning out the walk-in closet in my daughter’s room. I strung up some Christmas lights and put some pillows in there. It’s a cozy spot now with all the extra stuff we had been shoving in there (lack of closet space in our apartment) is now out in our garage.

I’m actually finding it a bit overwhelming how much free stuff is out there and available for our kids to do and learn. I think it almost makes me feel like we aren’t doing enough (which I know we are). If I were an original homeschool parent or a school teacher, I think I would be a touch annoyed at the fact that all of this is free now and wasn’t before. Everyone is benefiting from it now though, so there’s that.

I still can’t believe we are where we are right now. I half thought about homeschooling when my family moved from Minnesota to California this last year. We will likely be moving again for my husband’s job within the next handful of years, so the idea was more-so to not put my kids in and out of so many different schools.

Clearly, I didn’t think I was up for the task and we enrolled my kids in a school here in California when we moved. I find it almost comical now that the entire nation is being forced to do at least something “school” related for their kids. None of us were ready and we are taking it one step at a time.

Today, both my kids started the first hour of their schooling with educational movies. We are working towards a balance of getting a variety of things in and accomplished each day. Luckily my son has always been a rule-follower, so getting him on board with what is expected of him each day wasn’t too difficult. My daughter is special-needs and so it’s been a lot of educational play time for her.

I hope everyone is doing well and you enjoy the free printable! Have a good weekend!


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