Homeschool Motivation

New homeschoolers unite! We have got to stay upbeat and positive if we are going to make it through these next weeks and potentially months of no school. Today I will be sharing a free printable to keep you in the right headspace for the task ahead. This homeschool road is going to be long and tough, but together and through the grace of resources on the internet, we we find out groove and thrive!

We are all in an adjustment period. Obviously the idea of “social distancing” and “shelter at home” is new to be implemented on the masses. Cutting school without any prior notice, closing gyms, bars, etc… it’s all madness and an adjustment.

To help you deal with this, I’m sharing my all-time favorite mantra:
“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

It really applies to any aspect of life, especially now. I know that nobody was prepping and ready to take their kids in for full-time homeschooling this week. If we had told ourselves a month ago that this is the world we would be living in, none of us would believe it.

So, print and hang this wherever you’d like. Put it in the front clear pocket of a binder that your using with your kids to keep their homeschool items organized. Put it on your fridge or on your mirror in the bathroom. It’s FREE motivation to remind you that even though the world is in chaos, we need to focus on what we can do with what we have.

Our homeschools will likely not include the fancy curriculums that families with more time, energy, and research have implemented into their homeschools prior to this craziness. No, we will pick up the pieces of what we have available within our homes and utilize it to the best of our abilities.

Your kids have a couple educational-ish books. Pull them out! You’re kids like listening to the kids science podcasts out there on your phone? Great! You’ve set your kid up with an account at so they can learn the strategies and tactics of chess (which you don’t even understand). Awesome! Your kid binge-watches National Geographic this week? Sounds perfectly fine to me.

Use what you have available and make this a fun. Let’s remember that we are in an unprecedented time in history. We are all making this up as we go. Enjoy the freebie printable! I hope it helps motivate you to keep going strong! You’ve got this! Good luck!


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