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Coronavirus is taking it’s toll everywhere. We are on day 3 of schools being closed here. The Governor of California has stated that they maybe closed through the end of the year. I know this forewarning announcement has been in other areas as well. Let that soak in a bit. We are in the middle of March. School normally ends the end of May or the beginning of June. Therefore, we are all looking at a solid 2.5 months of schooling our kids! (OMG, can we get some wine delivered by the case?)

As unprecedented and crazy as this all is, there are a couple things you can do to hopefully prevent any major headaches later. I know a couple people who homeschool and they must keep track of what their kids have been up to and what they are learning. This allows them to continue homeschooling legally. Each state is different on their requirements. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that those strict requirements are not going to be enforced for us un-expectantly thrown into the homeschooling.

That being said, you might want to make it a daily practice to log what your kids have been up to, just incase. Again, who knows if you will need proof, but save yourself a major headache later and work on it daily for a couple of minutes.

Now, this could be something as simple as opening the notes app in your phone and jotting down their activities for the day. You could use a notebook, make a google doc, whatever floats your boat.

I have attached my homeschool record keeper for you to download for free below. It is simple and allows you to use it in two main ways. First, you can just record what your kids have been up to. They watch a show on the History Chanel? Write it down. They bake some cookies or help you make dinner? Write it down. They listen to a podcast? Write it down. They did some laundry? Write it down. They read for 20 minutes. Write it down. They played an educational app or played on an educational website? Write it down.

You get the idea. Give them credit for the things they are doing. Have proof that they didn’t sit around watching random things on YouTube all day (like you are) or only played Minecraft.

The second way you can use this printable is to write down their to-do list on it. You want them to read for 20 minutes, watch 1 educational show, do their math flash cards, and create or draw something everyday? Write their “assignments” on the paper. They can then X off them when they are done and you can add, if necessary, how much time they did each activity.

I know the list has 20 spots, please don’t feel like you need to fill it, by any means. But, if you have a kindergartener who is learning to read, you might be writing down they read 5-10 short books and fill up some of those lines pretty quickly.

Any questions? Comments? I hope you enjoy and utilize this homeschool record keeper printable.

Cheers! and #washyourhands.

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