DIY Light Saber Candy Popper

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Are you getting anxious yet?  The Last Jedi movie premiers in just over a week!  EEK!  I actually have tickets already for a Thursday night show!  I’m excited.

As mentioned yesterday in my post about Lego Star Wars Cupcake toppers, my son had a Lego Star Wars birthday party last weekend, which is quite fitting to have a Star Wars party in December.  He had a few close friends and family there.  Everyone had a blast.  We went to a community center nearby and rented a party room right next to their indoor playland.  It was a great way to celebrate when it’s cold outside.  I highly recommend renting out somewhere for those of you with kids that have birthdays in the winter.  Up until this year, I had the party at my house.  That proved to be extra stressful as I had to clean my ENTIRE house as people ended up everywhere as my house does not have a great room area.  The kitchen and dining room area are tiny and my husband and I are constantly bumping into each other when it’s just us in the kitchen.

I made these DIY Light Saber Candy Poppers as one of the activities for the kids.  The idea “popped” (pun intended) into my head after scouring Pinterest for Lego Star Wars party ideas.  As I didn’t find too many ideas on the Pinterest, so, I got creative.  I made my own cupcake toppers (mentioned above) and created the 3 games the kids played.

DIY Light Saber Candy Popper
Tissue paper (Red, Green, Blue, and Black)
Toilet paper rolls
Ribbon or small rubber bands (I used the tiny clear ones used for doing hair).

1. Take an individual sheet of colored tissue paper, fold it in half (hamburger style), cut on the fold.  Set aside.
2. Take a sheet of black tissue paper and cut it in 1/4s, cutting it hamburger and hot dog style.
3. Lay 1 piece of the cut black tissue paper on your table.  Take your 1/2 sheet of colored paper and place on top.  Line them up on the side furthest away from you, overlapping the tissue paper about 4 inches.
4. Place your toilet paper roll on the boarder of where your colored tissue paper will start showing.  Place candy inside the toilet paper roll (I used mini Reese’s and Starbursts). Roll to completely cover the toilet paper roll.
5. Taking the extra black tissue paper at the end, twist it to hold the candy in.  Secure the black end of the light saber with a rubber band or ribbon.  As mentioned, I used those clear tiny hair binders that I put in my daughter’s hair.  I wrapped it around the bottom twice.
6. Take additional ribbon or another rubber band and secure the top end of the toilet paper roll.  I found putting the small rubber band on from the bottom-up and over the tube was easier then trying to come down the length of the light saber.  I didn’t wrap the rubber band, I just left it as is, to hold the top without crushing the light part of the light saber.
7. If needed to hold the shape, glue a little bit of the top of the light saber to keep the top rolled.  Also, glue a little bit of the black tissue paper that is rolled around the toilet paper roll to secure it.

YOUR DONE!  Aren’t they fun?

At the party I told the kids they had to pop open the light sabers to find their energy source (candy!).  They had a blast doing this activity.  I have learned throughout the years of doing birthday parties is that doing minute-to-win-it style games that are not too complicated is always the best bet.  This ensures everyone gets candy and everyone can do it at the same time.

Incase you’re wondering how these work, the kids will pull and the light (colored tissue paper) will rip off the top, leaving the black tissue paper intact on the toilet paper roll.  Super fun!

*After having wrote these directions, I realized it might be easiest to photo the process, I will attempt to get photos up by this weekend.

Here my son is pulling it apart.

light saber

Here’s what most of the DIY Light Saber Candy Poppers looked like after the kids were done with them.

light saber4

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