Lego Star Wars Cupcakes

lego cupcakes

Over the weekend, we celebrated my son’s 7th birthday.  We went to a community center nearby and rented out a party room that was next to their indoor playland.  The playland was MASSIVE.  I had never been inside that community center and booked it purely on the photos they had online.  The photos didn’t do the place justice.  It was awesome.

We had the party room for 1.5 hours.  The kids got wristbands and were able to play as long as they wanted, even after our party room time was up.  We started the party at 2 pm and as the kids arrived, they were allowed to run in and play in the playland.  About 30 minutes in, we wrangled them all into the party room for the typical party fun: singing Happy Birthday, blowing out candles, opening gifts, and playing a couple party games.

My son had a Star Wars themed birthday party last year for his 6th birthday.  A bit to my dismay, he wanted a LEGO Star Wars party this year.  When he told me, my thought was great, now what can I do that’s different from last year.  Last year, I made cupcakes and frosted several red, several bright blue, and several black.  I lined them up on a piece of tag board and made them into two light sabers.   We did Jedi training in the garage and had a few activities out there.  Like I said, I was hoping he was going to want a Lego Ninjago or Pokemon party so I could use some fresh ideas.

lego cupcakes2

So I thought and thought and scoured Pinterest to get some inspiration.  I ended up making Lego Star Wars Cupcake Toppers, playing pin the lightsaber on Yoda (Lego mini-figure), destroying their own Death Stars (popping silver balloons with temporary tattoos shoved inside), and finding the energy source (candy) of lightsabers I made with toilet paper rolls and tissue paper. (Posts with these will be coming in the next days).

The whole party was perfect.  The kids really got into the party games, which were perfectly short and could all happen at the same time.  They enjoyed some snacky food and cupcakes and went back into the playland while we cleaned up the room.

As you can see in the photos, I used black cupcake liners.  I am a fan of yellow cake with rainbow chip frosting, so that’s what I opted for as my son doesn’t have a strong preference on cake at the moment.  Knowing that I didn’t want the rainbow chip frosting as the final look, I bought some silver cake spray paint here: Wilton Silver Color Mist along with gold sprinkles and gold candles for my son.  (We removed the cupcake topper before lighting the candles).  I wanted the whole thing to look a little more metallic and Star War-ish and I think I succeeded.

lego cupcakes3

My son choose this black storm trooper as the topper he wanted.

Lego Star Wars Cupcakes:
Free printable pdf: Lego Star Wars Cupcake Toppers
printer paper
printer with color ink
laminator (I have this one and love it! Scotch Thermal Laminator)
laminating sheets (I uses these: Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches)
clear tape

1. Print the free pdf printable provided by me here: Lego Star Wars Cupcake Toppers
2. Cut out Lego mini-figures, leaving a little white space around the mini-figures.
3. Place cut out mini-figures in a laminating sheet.  Laminate.
4. Cut out laminated Lego mini-figures, leaving a little extra clear as a boarder.
5. Tape a toothpick to the back of each mini-figure, leaving about 1/2 of the toothpick sticking out the bottom.
6. Stick bottom part of toothpick into your cupcake!

Notes: I used Wilton Silver Color Mist to spray the tops of my cupcake frosting silver.

*I don’t own the images used in the cupcake toppers.  I pulled them all off Google and combined them into a document to print.  These cupcake toppers are for personal use only.  Thanks!

lego cupcakes4

So, what do you think?  Cute or what?  They were a hit and everyone enjoyed picking out their own character.

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