DIY Woodland Animal Ornaments

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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”  The snow came yesterday and I think it’s here to finally stay.  Here in the grand state of Minnesota it went from 52 degrees yesterday to a mere 19 degree today.  Lovely.  Time for hats, mittens, hot cocoa, snow pants, and starting your car 10 minutes before you are about to leave in the morning so you don’t freeze.

If it isn’t apparent, I went for a woodland animals theme for my tree.  I splurged on a few ornaments from a few different stores that are adorable, but I decided to DIY most of them.  As seen yesterday and in the photo below, I made DIY Wire Name Ornaments for each member of my family.  I also made DIY Santa Gift Sacks.  Going for flannel, woodland animals, and a rustic touch.   (Stay tuned for more DIY posts for the rest of my tree coming up in the next couple days.)

woodland animals5

This is about as easy as a project can get.  I ordered some laser-cut wood animals off etsy.   Unfortunately, the seller I ordered them from is now longer selling these cut-outs.  (Looks like they are focusing more on the beer bottle top maps).  Last year, I ordered the 4 inch tall, 1/8th inch thick option on all but the Minnesota state cut out.  That I opted for the 6 inch tall option.  The 4 inch cut outs were only $1.10 each and the 6 inch state cut out was $2.60!  Do some searching, someone else on etsy has to be selling laser-cut woodland animals still!

Once I got my wood cut-outs, I spray painted them with  Rust-oleum Metallic Bright Gold spray paint.  I did 3 light coats, waiting 15-20 minutes between each coat.  I also painted to the back with the same process.  Light coats and let dry.

woodland animals1

woodland animals8

Then, I used some hot glue to attach a small amount of twine to what I deemed the “backside.”  Let cool and hang on your tree!  Seriously, this DIY project is super quick and is pretty much fail-proof  I love spray paint.  Hold the can far enough away to not over do your paint in one area and keep the can moving.  Remember in these cold temps to get some air or wear a mask.  Do this in your garage with the door cracked or on your patio on a warmer day.  I don’t recommend using spray paint indoors.  It’s got some serious fumes and I don’t think it’s a good idea.

woodland animals3

I will admit, I probably went a bit overboard with how much hot glue I used on these.  But, it’s on the back of the cut-outs and I wanted to make sure it withstood any little hands that might get curious at my house.  You could also use thread, yarn, or another type of string to use for your loop.  Just eyeball how much you need.

woodland animals4

woodland animal2

I am in love and so glad I made these last year!  They are cute and I know my tree doesn’t look like everyone else’s.  By DIY-ing some ornaments you create a tree that fits your personality and style without spending much on the ornaments.  Seriously.  I probably spent as much on all of my wood cut out woodland animals as 3-4 “fancy” ornaments at a store would cost.  The other bonus to these ornaments is they aren’t very fragile and don’t need a lot of space to store when it’s not the holiday season.  They are amazing and adorable!

woodland animals7

So what do you think of my tree?  I’m in love!  Have you worked on any DIY ornaments for your tree ever?  How did they turn out?  I’d love to hear about it!

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