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Are you into the Christmas spirit yet?  It’s only 20 days until Christmas Eve!  Can that be right?  Luckily, I think I’m done Christmas shopping (fingers crossed my son doesn’t see a toy advertised that he just HAS to ask Santa for).  I actually did myself a favor this weekend.  My son was playing with a neighbor who had out a big white nerf gun.  As I bought a similar one over Thanksgiving weekend, I made the comment “Oh, Jackson, that’s an awesome nerf gun.  You should ask Santa for one of those!”  Sneaky right?  I’m going to maybe try that one or two more times, so that the stuff I purchased becomes what he wants to ask Santa for.  Then every one wins.

Anyways, onto these gems!  Are you out buying supplies yet?  I feel in love with them when I saw these wire name ornaments on Pinterest last year and I HAD to make some.

These make great gifts!  I made a complete set for my mom and mother-in-law for everyone in their respected families.  (Which means I made a total of 10 for my mom, 10 for my mother-in-law and 4 for myself!= 24 total!)

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The original directions I found were from this website:

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The basic supplies are shown above.  You are also going to need some sort of wire cutter.  The wire I used 12 gauge.  You want it thick enough to hold it’s shape.  You can use any string/cording/yarn to wrap the wire.  Here’s an Amazon link for the wire: 12 Gauge Gold Wire.  Silver more your style?  Here’s an Amazon link for silver wire: 12 Gauge Silver Wire.  I bought my wire at JoAnn’s in the floral department.  They also sell it in the bead/jewelry making sections.

Last year, I found holiday baker’s twine at Hobby Lobby in a three pack (red/white, green/white, and the red/green/white).  I let a friend snipe the green/white bakers twine, therefore it is not in the photo above.  If you don’t want to venture to Hobby Lobby, or don’t have one nearby, here is a link for a back that has red/white and green/white: Christmas (Red & Green) Baker’s Twine

As shown on the other website, it’s a good idea to write out the name on paper first and try to form the wire to it.  I did this for the first two names I made, then after that I just kinda winged it.  Once you make one name, I recommend keeping it nearby so that you have it as a reference for size comparison.  That way they won’t get bigger the more you make.

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I chose to not cut my wire until after I wrote the name.  I did this by working left to right like you would write your name.  I cut the wire once I had finished curving all my letters into place.

Tuck the ends of the wire into loops.  My ends were sharp from the wire cutter, so try to smooth it/smush it down so that you don’t have a sharp spot.  Then start wrapping, keeping your baker’s twine or other cording super tight as you wrap.  Tie a knot at the start and finish and admire the adorableness once you are done!

I used some red thread to hang mine.  Feel free to use whatever you have!  Even fishing wire!  Seriously, aren’t they adorbs?  They are very easy and you can make them without having to put too much attention into them (like while watching TV).  Good Luck!

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