DIY Santa Gift Sacks

santa gift sack

Hey, so I took a full week off from the blog-world.  I’ve been busy dealing with my sick nugget.  She has a cold and has required some extra TLC and loving this week and I was more then happy to give it to her.

On a different note, can you believe it’s December 1st already?  I know!  Where does the time go?  I still have some DIY-ing to get done for Christmas gifts!  Fingers crossed I can make the time to get around to them.

Not gonna lie, I saw the perfect meme the other day that I showed to my hubby.  It said something along the lines of “I can’t wait to see the look on my husband’s face, when he sees all the gifts he has given.”  Now I work too (part-time), but it implies the very true situation that he is very out-of-the-loop on what was purchased for gifts.  It’s been my responsibility since we got married and that’s just kind-of how things work for us.

This year I made some “Santa Gift Sacks” to stash my kid’s presents in for Christmas morning.  This is a very easy, beginner sewer-level project that does not require much time.  You will be sewing exactly 3 lines.  Easy enough right?  And who doesn’t love some extra flannel hanging around at Christmas?

santa gift sacks

Santa Gift Sacks
1 yard a fabric
thick ribbon (mine is 1 inch thick)

1- Take one of the long sides, fold it over and sew a quarter-inch hem.  That will be the top of your Santa Gift Sack.

2- Fold your yard of fabric in 1/2, hamburger style, inside out (remember elementary school hamburger and hot-dog style?)  You will need to pin along the two edges. See photo below for help.

3- Cut your ribbon, long enough to make a nice bow once tied around the sack.  My ribbon is approximately 64 inches long.

4- Fold your ribbon in 1/2.  Place the ribbon about 7-8 inches down from the seam your already sewed for the top.  Place the ribbon with the folded end sticking out a tiny bit and the rest will stayed sandwiched in the inside of your Santa Sack. (See the rest of mine hanging out the top of the Santa Gift Sack?  This is how you get it on the outside of your Santa Gift Sack.)

5- Sew along the bottom and side of the sack.  Cut any extra thread.

6- Flip it right-side-out, fill with gifts and enjoy your adorable Santa Gift Sack!

santa gift sack3

Look at that lovely, fun, Santa Gift Sack you made!  Time to fill it up!

santa gift sack 4

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