Christmas Printables

Merry & Bright Printable
I’m sure you know the feeling.  Just barely getting things done before it’s due or too late.  There are several things that I’m dealing with that are just taking up some extra time lately.  Trying to plan my son’s 7th birthday party.  Dealing with insurance to pay for my daughter’s communication iPad (as it’s deemed medically necessary as she is nonverbal).  I’m also trying to meal plan and prep something in the crockpot before I leave for the afternoon.  It really helps smooth out our evenings, but it’s extra “work” in the morning that takes some time and planning to make sure we have all the ingredients needed.  Tonight we are having stuffed bell peppers.

Today I didn’t get a chance to photograph a DIY project or a recipe.  This morning I did get a bunch of wood cut for some upcoming projects.  However, I still wanted to post something, so I sat down and made two Christmas printables that are free for you to use.

Merry & Bright, above can be found here: merry & bright printable.  (The image above is a square, the link is a PDF that is printer-paper sized).

Merry Christmas printable
The Merry Christmas printable is here: Merry Christmas printable.  Both are free for you to use and I hope you do! I had fun creating them.

Are you in the holiday spirit yet?  I am.  As mentioned above, I’ve been getting my wood-working projects cut and ready to be worked on in the next weeks so that I can post the projects on here and also give them as gifts for Christmas.

Are you DIY-ing any gifts this holiday season?  I’d love to hear about it!

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