Coconut Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub

coconut sweet orange

I am on the hunt for the perfect sugar scrub to make for part of my teacher Christmas gifts this year.  My daughter goes to special-ed preschool and sees 5 staff during the day.  She also goes to an autism day treatment program in the afternoons and her room has 7 staff.  Of the 12 teachers/paras/therapists/mental health professionals, only 1 is a male.  He will be getting a gift card to Dunn Brothers.

My son has 1 teacher, 1 daycare mom, and 1 bus driver (male).  Lots of gifts to be giving for Christmas for all the amazing adults teaching and caring for my children.  I am doing a homemade sugar scrub and a DIY relaxing eyemasks (will be featured this Friday) for all of the females.  I figure they need some stress relief as they are all doing stressful jobs and are putting up with my kids (daughter specifically).  And, as mentioned above, the guys are getting coffee shop gift cards… because I’m boring and I don’t know a good DIY gift for them at the moment.

My biggest problem with making sugar scrubs is the fact that the coconut oil is a tough smell to mask.  It is however, one of the best/most used oils to use for sugar scrubs.  It’s a complicated situation.  I don’t want to put 20 drops of essential oil in the sugar scrub to mask it.  That’s just silly.  So, I’m trying to pair it up with complementary smells.

I tried Sweet Orange essential oil today.  It smells lovely with the coconut.  Very tropical oasis, I am sitting on a beach somewhere smell.  I did put 15 drops of the oil in, which is more then I would like to use for this.  I guess though it is a large amount.  Some of the other recipes on Pinterest are for the small little mason jars.  Nevertheless, I am still on the search for the essential oil I’m going to use with it.  (Stay tuned for more of my adventures.  Added benefit for me, I am enjoying my DIY-ed sugar scrubs!)

As mentioned above, I made mine today with a Sweet Orange oil.  This is the one I used: Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

coconut orange sugar scrub

Coconut Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil
10-15 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl.  Store in a mason jar or other container with a lid that seals tightly.

Notes: If your scrub is too oily, just add a little more sugar.

coconut sweet orange sugar scrub3

To use:

After using your regular soap in the shower or bath, scoop out some sugar scrub and apply to your legs, arms, body.  Rinse but do not use more soap.  The coconut oil will soak into your skin, using soap will wash it away.  Gently towel dry.  Enjoy your super smooth, super moisturized skin!

coconut sweet orange sugar scrub2

Has anyone else run into trouble trying to mask the smell of coconut oil?  Do you just use more essential oil or work with the smell and go tropical?  I’d love to hear your ideas and feedback if you make this scrub!

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