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DIY Fridays: Christmas DIY Gifts!  Are you excited?  I think I am really going to like this segment.  It’s a fun way to showcase different DIY projects that are cheap, quick, and easy to make for gifts for the holidays.  As I have big ambitions on how many gifts this year I am making, having this weekly DIY Fridays: Christmas DIY Gifts will keep me accountable.  I have extra motivation now to keep working on my project list.

Today I have this adorably cute holiday sign for you.  This is pretty small and this was actually a scrap piece from making another DIY project: “Go Ahead, Take Your Top Off” Beer Bottle Opener DIY.   Since I’m in my reduce, reuse, recycle kick; it only made sense to make a sign out of the scrap piece.  I have spent a fair amount of time lately scouring Pinterest for ideas and checking my craft closet for supplies.  There are projects I purchased supplies for that I never got around to making.  I am either forcing myself to make that project, or switch the supplies into something else.  This is part of my goal to declutter my house, which is a never-ending process.

Do you have any holiday sayings that you love and tend to flock towards?  I love “Merry & Bright” and “Joy to the World.”  They are my jam.  I will be making a “Joy to the World” sign soon, so keep your eyes pealed!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I have a slight obsession with painted wood signs.  They are fun, adorable, easy, quick, to make, and totally customizable to your preferences.  I love making them and I am very exited to be making some for gifts this year.  I have not specially designated who this will be going to yet, but it will be making it’s way to someone else’s house in December.

merry & bright sign

Wood board
Merry & Bright sign printable
Paint pen: Sharpie Extra Fine Point Paint Pen
Stain or paint
Clear top coat

1. Cut your wood to size.  Sand the entire board, making sure to smooth any rough edges.
2. Stain or paint your board.  If you want to make the board double-sided to get double use from it, make sure to stain or paint the back as well.  (Check out my posts about using both sides of the board for my Be Mine Valentine’s sign and my Find Joy in the Journey sign).
3. Once your stain is dry, print your Merry & Bright sign found here: Merry & Bright Sign.  Flip the paper over and use a pencil to shade in where your letters are.  (You will be placing it on top of your board and the pencil will transfer to your wood, leaving a stencil to paint into).
4. Line up your printed page on your board.  Optional: tape down to prevent the paper from moving when you are tracing the letters.  Trace the outer edge of the the letters with a pen.  This will leave a faint pencil line on the wood.  If the line is too faint, try coloring in the backside of your printed sheet more with pencil and pressing a bit harder with your pen.  (View Find Joy in the Journey sign to see images of this process).
5. Using your paint pen, paint in your letters.  It is easiest to start in the top left and work your way down like you are writing.  Then you won’t smear any wet paint.  Allow to dry.
6. If you want to hang this, either screw a hook in the top or drill a hole in the middle top.  If you drill a hole you can either hang with a nail through the hole or use some string/twine and hang from that.

*Notes: I have included several sizes in the pdf free printable for the Merry & Bright sign.  Choose whichever one fits best on your board.  Good luck!

Happy DIY Friday!

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