“Go Ahead, Take Your Top Off” Beer Bottle Opener DIY

take your top off

DIY day today!  Honestly, two of my favorite things to do are spend time in the kitchen (cooking, baking, mixing drinks and such) and DIY-ing something.  I get such a rush from the whole process.  I LOVE to create.  It’s in my core.  When I’m being creative, I tend to loose track of time.  I am in my happy place.

Today I’m kicking off a new weekly segment, DIY Fridays: Christmas DIY Gifts, however I couldn’t wait until Friday so I’m starting today and you will get two projects this week.  What better way to start this off then to post a DIY beer bottle opener project.  (For any family reading this, please still act surprised at Christmas if you are one of the people I have made a beer bottle opener for).  Since I’m making a couple of these for gifts, I bought these Cast Iron Wall Mount Bottle Opener (it’s a pack of 8).  There are numerous options on Amazon though if you aren’t needing that many or want a different color/finish.

My board is 11 inches long  X 3 7/8 (almost 4) inches wide X  1/2 inch thick

“Go ahead, take your top off ” beer bottle opener
Stain or paint
Clear top-coat
Paint pen
Pencil & Pen
Print-out of pdf: Take Your Top Off printable

1. Cut your board to size.
2. Sand entire board, making sure to smooth ends where the board was cut.
3. Either paint or stain your entire board.  Allow to dry.  (I stained the all the boards and then dry-brush painted some white on top of the left two.  I did a variety where the farthest left is the a light coat and the middle is a heavier coat of the white to make them look more vintage/rustic.)
4. Center your beer bottle opener to the top and attach with screws.
5. Use a pencil to color/blacken the back of your printed pdf where the text is.  Then center the printed pdf on your board, making sure to line it up straight.  While holding the printable down, use a pen to trace around the outside of all the letters.  (This will leave a faint pencil line for you to paint in).  Make sure you outline all of the letters and remove printed pdf.
6. Using a paint pen, in the color of your choice, paint in your pencil-lined letters.
7. Drill 2 small holes in the middle of the top and middle of the bottom of the board to be used with screws to mount the beer bottle opener to the wall.  (I will be drilling mine tomorrow)

* I found that using a paint pen on top of paint didn’t work.  It spread out.  I stained and then used a clear coat, followed by the paint pen.
* You might notice that my printable has 2 lines under the word “your.”  Feel free to include it if you want to.  I decided not to after making the sign.
* If giving this as a gift, give the beer bottle opener with the 2 screws needed to mount it to the wall.  Make sure to purchase screws that are thick enough to go through the board and into the wall.  (My board is 1/2 inch thick, so I need screws that are about 1 inch to secure it).
* If you need a different size of the printable, try scaling the pdf when you print, either scale it larger or smaller.
* If you want better directions on how to do the pencil stencil process, click here to see another post about how the process works.

Here is the free printable pdf again: Take Your Top Off printable.

–Sorry for the bad photo.  I got home late tonight and will re-photoed tomorrow when I have daylight to shoot in.

Are you working on any DIY gifts for the holidays?  If so, what are you working on?  I have several more projects in store for the coming DIY Fridays: Christmas DIY gifts.  I’m excited!

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