Healthy Halloween Snacks

Healthy Halloween Snack7

Halloween is only 16 days away, time to get into the mood!  Today I made some fun, festive, and healthy snacks.  These would be great to tuck into your kid’s lunch box or as a fun surprise for an after school snack.  Seriously, could they get any cuter or any easier?  I think not.  You don’t even have to cook.  Just grab a black sharpie and you’re in business.

Turn a cutie orange or a regular orange into a jack-o-lantern by drawing on a face with your black sharpie.  Done!

Healthy Halloween Snack3

Monster grapes!  These green grapes are just oozing Halloween.  Draw some eyes where your marshmallows are and don’t forget the monster’s nose and mouth.  It’s ready in less then 2 minutes!  Packing it for lunch?  Use some cling wrap over the top and it’s ready!

Healthy Halloween Snack4

String cheese ghosts.  Grab your black sharpie once again, and this time draw on a ghost face on the packaging of the string cheese.  BOO!

Healthy Halloween Snack2

Do you have any other fun and festive Healthy Halloween Snacks?  I’d love to hear about them!

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