Melon Ball Cocktail

Melon Ball Cocktail

Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner?  Crazy, I know!  I feel like the school year just started the other day.  Now I’m looking ahead to all the fun food, drinks, and DIY projects I can make for Halloween.  (Which, let’s be real, I won’t get to all of them because I always have bigger plans then what I have time for).  Keep your eyes out though for the projects and recipes I do get around to making.  It should be fun!  Christmas and Thanksgiving will have even more seasonal projects and recipes popping up on the blog!  ‘Tis the season of food and fun!

This Melon Ball Cocktail is made from Midori, vodka, and orange juice.  I love the color it turned out in terms of it being a “Halloweeny” cocktail.  Almost looks like slime right?  Remember those shows from the 90’s where the kids would have huge buckets of slime dumped on their heads for no particular reason except for the fact that the middle-schooler audience thought it was funny?  That’s what this drink reminds me of.

I digress though, the point I was making is that the green Midori mixed with the yellow/orange of orange juice give this drink a fun and festive color for Halloween.  You could even rename the drink to better suit the holiday if you are having a Halloween party/ get-together.  Possible names could be:  Slime, Melon Slime, Toxic Sludge, Toxic Slime, Monster Juice, Monster Tears, Spooky Juice, etc… Just make sure if you are labeling it “juice” that there aren’t kids around getting the wrong idea.  You don’t want to be responsible for enticing a kid to drink an alcoholic beverage. (And to be honest, they would probably continue to drink it because it is sweet and yummy and does taste like a fun juice).

melon ball cocktail 4

This drink has only 3 ingredients, so it’s simple enough right?  I like experimenting with new drinks, especially when the drink doesn’t require you to buy 5 new ingredients that you have no other use for.  I feel like those cocktails with super long ingredient lists are best to either try at the bar or hope you can find shooters of the liquor so that you don’t have to buy the full bottle of some random alcohol.  Orange juice and vodka versatile and are easy enough to have on hand, so it’s only the Midori that is the “random” ingredient in this cocktail.

Melon Ball Cocktail
1 shot Midori melon liquor
1 shot vodka
3/4 cup orange juice

Mix all ingredients in a glass and add ice. Stir and ENJOY!

*Note: if you want your drink to be more green and less yellow-green, use 2 shots Midori and no vodka.  Or, reduce the amount of orange juice you use and maybe add a splash of Sprite or 7up to the drink.


melon ball 2

Hope you had a good weekend and Happy Halloween prep!


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