Travel Hacks for Kids: License Plate Dash Printable

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 2.38.05 PMHappy Friday everyone!  I’m excited to bring you another printable today to put in your car to help make your time in the car easier.  The License Plate Dash game.  Click here: License Plate Dash game for the free PDF printable.  This game is super easy and fun for your kids to play while riding in the car.  The concept is super simple and kids of all ages can play.  You must find all the letters of the alphabet in order and then the numbers 0-9 to win.  Letters and numbers must be found only on license plates.  Using the game board, keep track of what letter or number you are on.  The first player to spot every letter in the alphabet and all the numbers, wins!

Feel free to change up the game a bit.  Only use letters found on signs (billboards, street signs, traffic signs,  business names, etc…).  Try playing the game backwards or by going down the columns.

For younger kids, you might want to bend the rules about finding the letters in order, just have them find all the letters and cross them off as they go.  This a great for pre-schoolers and kindergartners learning their letters.  It shows them that letters/numbers are everywhere.  And BONUS!  You are teaching your kid to be more observant and spend time looking out of the car at the real world verses a screen in front of them in the car.

Again, here is the free PDF printable of the game board:  License Plate Dash game.

To make these game boards sturdier and reusable, I suggest printing them on cardstock and laminating them.  See my post about DIY Kid’s Dry-Erase Activity Book to see what I’m talking about.  I use this Scotch Thermal Laminator and these laminating sheets: Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches  After laminating them, use with dry erase markers.  Our favorites are Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Markers.

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