Travel Hacks for Kids: Would you rather?

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Do you ever wonder how you are going to survive the last 30 minutes of the ride in the car with your kids?  Did an iPad’s battery die?  Did you forget to bring the charger with?   Are you about to leave one of your kids on the side of the road because they are driving you that crazy (not really, but the thought did cross your mind)?

Today I’m bringing you my version of a fun game called “Would you rather?”  It’s an easy game to play with your kids while in the car, or anytime really.  Play this while waiting at the doctor’s office.  Play while waiting at a restaurant for your food to be made.  Play it on an airplane.  (I feel a little like the Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham… you can play it here or there, you can play it anywhere!)

Concept is simple enough, just state two things to decide between.  Would you rather eat pizza or ice cream?  Or, come up with something more difficult like would you rather break your arm or your leg.  These would you rather questions are kid-friendly and some of them are a bit stilly!  Would you rather swim in chocolate pudding or mud?  Be as silly or serious as you want!

To get you started, check out my free pdf printable with 100 “Would you rather” questions here: Would you rather? printable. This would be good to print and stash in your car for a road trip or to use on a daily basis to keep your kids from fighting in the backseat on your way home.  Fun and easy game good for a variety of ages!

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