Commuter Hacks: Essential Products to keep in your car


I am on a “commuter hack” kick these days with all of my posts this week scheduled to be commuting-related.  Ironically, I have only been commuting for all of 3 weeks now.  When I was just about to start my daily drive (which takes 45 minutes in and 1:15-1:30 on the way home), I was slightly shocked that there weren’t many article or much for information in terms of “hacks” for making the commute less crappy.  Yes, crappy.  I can’t imagine anyone really enjoys sitting in traffic for an hour trying to get home curl up in their comfy yoga pants binge-watching Netflix.

Yesterday, I wrote about ways to pass the time and feel “productive.”  Most of them are listening related.  Podcast, audiobooks, etc.. Check out that article here.

Today, I wanted to share my favorite items/ products to have in the car with me.  I know that everyone has their own set of “must-have” items.  These are mine.  Take them or leave them.  It’s what I like to have with.

Commuter Hack: Essential Products to keep in your Car

  1. DIY Car essential oil diffuser.  I made this awhile back.  I still enjoy adding 1-2 drops of oil on it and letting the AC and now heat do it’s thing.  Amazing smelling car.  Win.
  2. Sunglasses.  Get an extra pair to leave in your car.  Because inevitably Monday morning you’ll forget them at home.
  3. Car Vent Mount Holder.  I got one of these for my air vent to hold my iPhone.  Not going to lie, this won’t hold the overly large phones.  I choose to purchase one of these to insure that my cup holders were free to be cup holders.  Prior to getting the mount, I always used one of the two cup holders next to me for my phone.  As I’m transporting my daughter, it is nice to have access to both for liquid-filled containers.
  4. Cooler with snacks or a meal-to-go.  I recently purchased these and use them for my lunches.  I’m slightly in love. 15-Pack 3 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes.  I will admit, I am on a stupidly early schedule.  My daughter wakes up very consistently at 5:30 am.  I eat breakfast about 6:30, lunch at 11, and then dinner I typically eat between 4-4:30 while waiting to pick up my daughter.  She then gets dinner in the car on the way home as she is clearly on this schedule as well.  (She gets a bedtime snack at about 7 and is asleep by about 8 pm most nights). Anyways, I have started food-prepping for the week for my hubby and I and use these containers to prep healthy meals-to-go.
  5. Phone charger.  Probably a given.  I need mine frequently, especially since I am listening to audiobooks.  Make sure you have one!
  6. Something to drink.  Have a bottle of water or another beverage with in the car.  I like to use my reusable drink up with a straw and mixing in an individual flavored Crystal Light drink mix that has caffeine.  No sleeping behind the wheel here!
  7. Gum/mints, hand sanitizer, and chapstick.  No brainers.  These are all things that are typically found in a women’s purse.  Get a set to leave in your car.
  8. Deodorant and a small body spray.  You don’t want to be running around late only to show up smelly!  By keeping a travel size of each of these items in your car will insure you can freshen up quickly while out and about and away from home.
  9. Baby wipes.  Keep a small container of baby wipes in the car.  Helps when you’ve gotten drive through and spilled on yourself, or have sticky fingers because you grabbed a donut.
  10. Travel container of frequently taken meds.  Small bottle of Tylenol or Advil.  Peptobismal or some Tums.  Dayquil or Claritin. Whatever you fancy.  Having a few of each with you in the car can help save you from having a lurking headache all day or a stomach that is just not your friend.  Make sure to refill once they are gone and be glad you have your own little pharmacy along with you for the drive.That’s it, that’s my list!  What are other products that you keep by your side for your daily commute?


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