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As I am a new commuter everyday, I have been looking into meal prep ideas that travel well.  I leave my house everyday now at 12 pm and get back at 6 pm.  I am the type of person that can’t eat lunch at 11:30 am before I leave and make it through until 6:30 pm to eat again.  I have found I like to eat 4 smaller meals during the day and I love me some whirly-pop popcorn at night as a snack after the kids are in bed.

With my new schedule, I’m trying not to go broke and eat unhealthy snacks everyday.  If I were to grab a muffin or a scone at the coffee shop everyday, I would likely gain weight quickly.  (Seriously, some of those baked treats are upwards of 500 calories!)
I ended up ordering some more divided food containers from Amazon Freshware 3 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes that help me accomplish my food prep goal for commuting.  (My mother-in-law ordered them awhile back and gave me two that I’ve been using a bit here and there).  I’ve gotta say, its only been 4 days, but I’m hooked!  The the pack I order, it came with 15.  My hubby is now reaping benefits of having so many container as I am now prepping for both of us. (He has been responsible for his own lunch for the almost 10 years we have been married.  This last week, I meal prepped for the both of us to help with the first week back to school transition.  He definitely didn’t complain.)

It’s fun to fill them up and the options are endless.  Today I wanted to have a vegetarian box for my time spent away from home, so this adult lunchable came together in less then 5 minutes.  Here’s what’s in my adult lunchable: raspberries, kiwi, almonds, 1/2 cucumber, hummus, a peanut butter chocolate-dipped granola bar, a banana bar, and a Dove dark chocolate with almonds. adult lunchable1

Just a little FYI, I classify myself and eating habits as a “flexitarian.”  Meaning, I eat meat, I just don’t feel the need to everyday.  I frequently opt for a vegetarian option and would be more then fine if the only meat I ever ate was my pork tacos, Korean BBQ grilled steak, and an occasional juicy cheese burger.

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I’ve been really into the Crystal Light energy drink mixes lately.  Super easy and yummy to bring along.  I feel a little less bad about it then having a soda when I need a caffeine pick-me-up.  They are also a good option for when it’s too warm for coffee.

Back to commuting meals… Here are a couple benefits to skipping the meat:

  1. Easy to store.  You don’t have to be too worried about your cooler hanging out in a hot car and warming up your food.
  2. Easy to prepare.  This morning I chopped my kiwi, cucumber, and grabbed my banana bar out of the freezer.  Done.
  3. Its healthy.  Almonds verses a drive-thru burger or taco.  Almonds and hummus for the win in the health food department.
  4. Easy to eat.  Pre-chopping my fresh fruits and veggies make easy to eat in the car or in an office.
  5. Cheap.  By the time you add up the items in my adult lunchable, its still less then grabbing a meal from a cafe, drive through restaurant, or coffee shop.

All set and ready to go!  Hope everyone had a great Friday!

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