Green Smoothie Ice Cubes

green smoothie ice cube

Are you a newbie to green smoothies or a seasoned vet?  Are you tired of your spinach or kale getting all slimly before you can use it for your smoothie?  Enter in the green smoothie ice cube.  Super easy and prevents you from throwing out your greens and wasting them if you haven’t gotten around to eating them fast enough.

Seriously, this is a game changer guys!  Just throw your entire bag of greens into the blender with a little water.  Blend.  Add water (little by little) and push the remaining greens down and blend until all of your spinach or kale is liquified.

green smoothie ice cubes2

I have an older model of this blender and it works great, you might even notice that one of the buttons has popped off.  (Yes, that speed still works).  Oster 6647 10-Speed Blender, White.  In the future, I plan to invest in one of these Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660).  Seriously, they are BOSS!  I like that it comes with the to-go cups that you can blend individual smoothies in with the blender as a package deal.  (That blender is likely going on the top of my Christmas list!)

After you’ve pulverized your greens into a green-goo, grab your old-school ice cube trays (seriously, a thing of the past now that every freezer makes ice cubes automatically now), and fill up the trays with your green goo.  Freeze until solid.

green smoothie ice cubes3

To use:
Add 1-3 cubes to your next smoothie (depending on amount of smoothie you are making and the size of the green smoothie cubes you made).  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and drink up your yummy, healthy smoothie.

Check out my Green Smoothie recipe that you can use these green smoothie ice cubes in! What’s your favorite green smoothie recipe?  Share below!

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