Repainted Flower Pots

flower pots

Are your plants looking a bit drab this summer in ugly flower pots?  Mine were!  In all honesty, the big flower pots that are now painted the two shades of blue were already at the house we are renting.  They were looking pretty sad and I don’t think the owner had any stake in them.  (We are on quite good terms with the owner of the house.  For example, they had a hot air balloon boarder in the 2nd bedroom upstairs, I invested my own time and money to take it down and repaint the room a light grey.   Obviously I let them know my intentions and they were more then fine with it.)   The flower pots didn’t have anything in them and were just hiding in the backyard, so I figured, time for a make-over!

(If you noticed, I haven’t planted anything in my small terracotta flower pot yet, maybe tomorrow!)


The lighter blue color is actual outdoor paint I bought and used a brush to apply.  It’s called “Green Sponge” and I got it at my local Hardware Hank.  The darker blue flower pot I used spray paint that I already had.  Don’t you just love those projects?  The ones you have everything you need and it makes the project practically ‘free?”

Here’s a look at what the flower pot looked like before the spray paint.  Pretty terrible.  It had definitely seen better days.  (I failed at getting photos of the other flower pots before.  Trust me, they were hideous!)  I ended up wiping down the outside with a wet wash cloth.  After it was dry, I sprayed 3 light coats of spray paint, allowing 15+ minutes in-between to dry.  *Please use spray paint in a well ventilated area and if you are leaving your flower pots outside, please make sure your spray paint is for indoor/outdoor use and also for plastic (or whatever material your flower pot is made of).


The spray paint I used is Rust-oleum brand.  The color is “Satin Lagoon.”  It’s a 2-in-1 product with both the paint and primer.  I had originally bought this spray paint to paint a thrifted picture frame for my son’s room, so there was plenty left over to paint this flower pot.

Here is what it looked like after 2 coats, almost done!


Ta-Da!  It looks so much better and much more summery out on my deck now.  The dark blue flower pot has a tomato plant with a tomato cage already around the plant.  The two lighter blue flower pots and the bigger terracotta pot have bell pepper plants.  We love us some fresh tomatoes and bell peppers!


Hope your summer is going well!  I can hardly believe that July 4th is just around the corner!

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  1. caitpb says:

    I love how the fresh coat of paint really brightens things up! and it is so much better than throwing them out and getting new!

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