Yogurt Parfait


Oh Mondays!  You creep up too quickly, even during the summer.  There are some Mondays I can’t wait to hear the door shut when my hubby is heading into work.  You know the weekends.  You spent a lot of time together as a family and now you just need a tiny bit of space.  (I love my hubby deeply, don’t get me wrong).  There are just some Mondays when you think, FINALLY, he left for work.  During the weekend we have to decide together what we are going to do as a family.  I can’t make decisions solely on what I want to do and neither can he.  Come Monday, I’ve got control over the kid’s and my schedule for the day/ week.  We can decide to go to the library in two minutes or head to Joann Fabrics after my daughter’s nap.

Then, there are other weekends (like this past weekend for me) when you don’t want the weekend to be over.  My hubby was on top of his game this weekend.  Not to brag, but he did laundry, mowed the yard, vacuumed both levels, did the dishes (several times), and took out the garbages.  Plus, before he vacuumed, he took the initiative about bought us a new vacuum.  Ours was on it’s last leg and probably wasn’t doing as great of job as we would like to think it was.

Coming down from that high of having a very helpful hubby around the house, I decided to go easy for lunch.  Today, I had a yogurt parfait.  This is an easy meal that would be super easy to pack and take to work.  Throw the crunchy ingredients into a ziplock bag or separate container and combine when you are ready to eat to keep the crunch.  Or, if you’d rather eat it for breakfast or snack, go right ahead.

I don’t know if I have run across yogurt parfaits with walnuts in them before.  Fruit is very popular and feel free to add fresh strawberries, blueberries, slices of banana, etc.  For me, the walnuts have a nice, medium crunchiness about them.  They are not super hard which makes them pair really well with the yogurt and adds some more protein to the mix.


Yogurt Parfait
Yogurt (mine is vanilla Greek yogurt)
1/2 cup Life cereal (or similar/granola)
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
1 Tbls. ground flaxseed

Scoop yogurt into a bowl, top with cereal and walnuts.  Drizzle desired amount of honey on top.  Enjoy!

Notes: I didn’t measure out the amount of yogurt in my bowl.  Scoop out as much as you want/need.

**If you are taking this with you to work, keep the dry ingredients separate until  you are about to eat.  Otherwise, you will have a bowl full of sogginess and I’m assuming it won’t be as appetizing.


Happy Monday!

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