DIY Kid’s Picnic Table

picnic table

I love summer.  I can’t get over how much I enjoy taking my kids to the park.  For them, it’s like an hour vacation.  They get to run and climb somewhere new and it is great for all of us.  I am now living in Minnesota and after spending all winter inside, my kids and I are taking every opportunity to spend time out of our house.

Fortunately for us, the house we are renting has a GORGEOUS backyard.  It’s one of the reason we choose to rent it.  It was built in 1999, so the trees are big and mature.  They provide a lot of shade and privacy.  The deck at our place has two levels.  There is also a swing set and a shed.  We got lucky!

As there are two levels to the deck it was kind-of awkward to leave the bottom one almost empty.  I had 2 chairs and small plastic swimming pool on the bottom level, but it definitely needed something more.  This table is perfect for our kids.

picnic table6

I found the plans to make this picnic table on the fabulous Pinterest.  (Seriously, I could get lost in the site for hours if I had more free time).   Anyways, I’m not going to write the details of how to build this picnic table, as the lovely Ana White does it very well.  I used her free plans and a friend and I put it together over a couple of days.  I don’t know exactly how many hours went into it, but it was easy enough for us two ladies to do without any male help.  I’m seriously proud!

Yesterday I spent the morning (while my daughter was at summer school pre-school) finally sanding and then staining the table.  The table was built MONTHS ago!  Haha, life of a busy mom.

I will admit, I’m a moderate-level DIY-er.  I by no means know everything, especially when it comes to wood-working.  The product shown below I purchased at Home Depot.  This is an outdoor specific stain.  They tint it for you at the store.  I didn’t realize that they could do that at the paint counter, but they had a flier with all the color options you can choose from.  I went with a grey color and am in love.  The product claims it only needs one coat and no top coat, so we shall see how it holds up this year….

The color name is “Dark Slate” and I bought it at Home Depot.

picnic table5

I’m in love how it turned out!  The unexpected couple of details from the imperfect wood are awesome and add a little character to the table.

picnic table3picnic table4

Helpful little tip: If you get stain on yourself, or you don’t wear gloves and end up with it all over your hands like I did, an easy way to get the stain off is to wash your hands with hand soap and baby oil.  The combo takes the stain off easily (although the nail bed area by my finger nails remained a little stained).  It’s an easy and cheap way to clean up.  You’re welcome!

Summer, we are ready!  Bring it on!

picnic table1

Plans for this table can be found on Ana White’s page HERE.

2 thoughts on “DIY Kid’s Picnic Table

  1. Alyssa says:

    Great job on the picnic table! Love the stain. I also loved the description of moderate DIYer. Kudos to you for tackling that project. I’m not sure I’d have the know how to build from scratch, as much as I love tools and woodworking.

    • mollywiechmann says:

      I didn’t do it alone, I had help! My bestie is better with power tools and has built 2 other tables now. So it was helpful to work with her as she is more of the builder between the two of us.

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