Hidden Chalk Board

Are you intrigued yet?  I had this idea last summer and it turned out to be brilliant (like all my ideas, am-I-right?).  I can’t believe I haven’t spotted this on Pinterest before.  So I’m going to claim this idea as being completely mine.  I can’t say that about much.  A lot of things I do are because I am inspired to do or make something after seeing something similar (usually on Pinterest).


Onto where I found a spot to have a hidden chalk board… I painted the back of my daughter’s dresser with Krylon chalkboard paint .  Brilliant right?  If you want control over the chalk and slight mess that it comes with, painting the back of a dresser is perfect.  Just scootch the dresser away from the wall and chalk away.  Tired of it?  Move the dresser back and it’s out of site.  This is great for people renting or who don’t want to paint a wall with black chalk paint.

Bonus points, you will be the coolest mom if you bring out the chalk when your kid’s friends are over.  Tic-tac-toe anyone?

chalk 1

This is also great to have for rainy days, snow days, and days it’s just to hot to go outside.  Seriously, paint away and thank your self later for this fun screen-free activity.  If your into doing educational stuff with your munchkins, use it to practice writing letters, numbers, shapes, etc.. For the older kids, write some math problems on the chalk board, play hang man, give them a spelling test… The options are only limited by your imagination!

chalk 2

Here you can see the ABC Wall Decoration and some of my other DIY projects that I have done for my daughter’s sensory room like my Recycled Hanging Planters and her DIY Magnetic Board (be on the look out for instructions to appear on the blog soon).


My daughter is a bit obsessed with letters and spelling.  Here you can see her writing as many as possible on the chalk board.  This is currently one of her favorite activities.

Hidden Chalk Board

Wipe down the back of a dresser.  I used a rag with a little bit of soapy water.  (Let’s get real, there might be a cobweb or two hanging out back there as I doubt you clean back there).  Allow to dry.

I used Krylon chalkboard paint and did 3 layers, allowing it to dry completely between coats.  You could have this done in 1 day if you want.  The paint dries relatively quickly.  Just make sure it is completely dry between coats.  If you have any areas that you do not want the paint on, use painters tape to section them off.

Notes: some chalk can linger on carpet and clothing.  Please cover any flooring you don’t want chalk on when using the board.  A quick way to help with the little mess is to throw beach towel down on the floor under the chalk board. **Also, I have found that only using the yellow, green, orange , and white chalks are easiest to clean up after.  The blue and pink chalks are a little more stubborn and harder to get out of the carpet.   As we are currently renting our house, we have used this area rug we already had to help protect the carpet underneath.  Be advised, chalk dust does get into the carpet, so if you are not ok with this, plan accordingly.  (Added bonus, our rug adds another texture for the room for my sensory-seeking little lady!)

Not shown, but her dresser does push back to the wall under the DIY Recycled Hanging Planters, however it hasn’t been pushed back in a couple months.  My munchkin loves to chalk!


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