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Summer Book Count 10
My son just finished kindergarten on Thursday! (We start late and end late compared to the rest of the US).  He is already a great reader.  I intend to keep it that way over the summer, even hopefully improving his reading skills.   That’s the whole idea behind this book count, to keep him motivated to read.  I want him to read daily and this insures that it will happen.

Lately, he has also been more and more interested in doing chores and earning money to buy Pokemon stuff (his latest fascination).  As I am not overly excited about just going out and buying him whatever he asks for, this is another way he can earn money to buy what he wants.  (Poor kid’s birthday is in December, so he really doesn’t get a separate time of year he can look forward to gifts).

Long story short, this is my current plan for him.  He is able to read those early reader books pretty easily.  You know the ones, with the numbers at the top?  Each one of those he reads, he gets 2 points.  If he reads a chapter book like one from the Magic Tree House series, he gets 10 points.  I usually read every other page with him for those books, but by the end of the summer I am expecting him to read those without any assistance.  (Point of reference on his reading skills, he finished the year at a “G” reader level, the year-end standard for kindergarteners is a “D” level.  He was at “D” level at Christmas break.)  If my hubby or I read him a book, it’s only 1 point.

Once he colors in 100 points, he earns $10 to spend at Target to find a toy or movie of his choosing to purchase.  He can choose to save the $10 to add with the next time he gets to 100 points and gets another $10.  (Money management!)  I am going to guess it will take him about 7-12 days to get 100 points.  He was pretty excited about this last night and got 18 points from reading 9 of the early reader books.  Obviously some days he will read more then others.  My goal is just to keep him motivated to keep reading.  If he wants to earn money to purchase new Pokemon toys/cards, he will initiate reading instead of me forcing him to sit down at some point to read during the day.

The other rule of mine is that he has to read the book out-loud and do it so that my hubby or I can hear him.  Even if I’m cooking dinner and not looking at the book, if he says a word that doesn’t fit in the context, I will be able to help him out.  (and not that we have a problem with him and honesty, but this will keep the book count somewhat verifiable).

Click here for the printable Summer Book Count 10.  It’s a free pdf that you can use with your kids.

That’s the plan.  He has already started.  Do you have any plans or ways to motivate your kids to keep reading this summer?  I’d love to hear about them!  (or if you have an idea to modify the file for an older child, let me know!  I’d be happy to adjust it accordingly!)

Happy Summer!  Good luck finding things to keep your kids occupied this summer!

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