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abc wall

Today I’m going to be starting a few day series on my daughter’s room.  I’ve been working on it in bits and pieces since a little before Christmas.  She has sensory issues and needs a little different set up then most little girls her age.  We used to have a play kitchen in her room.  She used it to climb on non-stop and never used it to play kitchen with.  The play kitchen is now in the garage as it was more of a hazard then anything else.

So, over the last several months I have been working towards a room that is geared more towards her and her interests.  Before, her room was set up for an average 3 year old.  My daughter is far from average.  She is on her own schedule and does not follow the norm.  She is one of those kids that follows the mantra “I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.”  I heart her and her sassy, spunky, personality!

Today, I am writing about the ABC wall decoration I just finished yesterday and hung up.  She is obsessed with letters and spelling.  She loves the show Word World and all of the Leap Frog movies.  At the moment, she can spell more words then she can say.

I had made these fabric letters for her to play with awhile back.  They ended up crumpled up in a pile with all her other toys and magnetic letters.  I decided that I should take them one step further and sew them to some twine to hang on the wall.  I am in love with how they turned out.


Luckily, the letters matched her colors in her room already.  Must be because I tend to gravitate towards the same colors for her.  Bright and bold to match her personality.

I started with a print out of the letters from the blog “Happy Together.” Click the link to be taken to the print out: Rag Quilt Letters.

I used some fat quarters to make mine.  You can use scraps of whatever you might have.  I used a white thicker-canvas fabric for the back of mine.


ABC Wall Decoration

Printed out ABC pattern HERE
Fabric for front of letters
Fabric for the back of letters
Fabric starch

1. Print and cut out the ABC letter pattern (above).
2. When you trace printed letters onto the fabric, trace onto the wrong side (or back side of the fabric) and make sure you flip the paper pattern backwards.  Otherwise your fabric letter will be backwards. Cut out letters.
3.  Repeat step 2 with the backing of your choice, remembering to trace your letters backwards.  (This keeps any rouge pen marks on the inside ones you put the front and back together).  I used a white, canvas-type of fabric. Cut out the back pieces for your letters.
4.  Pin the front to the back and sew around the edges leaving about a 1/4 to the edge. Make sure you go around the cut outs on the letters A, B, D, O, P, Q, and R.  I used black thread on mine to stand out a bit.  Feel free to use white or thread that matches your fabric.
5. After sewing around all 26 letters, I made little cuts around all the edges to help “fray” the fabric a little.  Do this with a scissors and just make tiny little snips that don’t cut across the line you have sewn around the letter.
6.  Next, I got my letters a little damp and threw them into the dryer for a couple minutes.  This helped to fray them up a bit.
7. Next, I sprayed mine with fabric starch and allowed them to dry.
8.  Iron your letters.
9.  Start with the letter A  (leaving some extra twine before you start) and start sew back and forth on top of the twine where you want the letter hang from.  I used black thread again and sewed the connecting points of A-M on one piece of twine.  I continued, eyeballing the spacing of the letters with N-Z.

Notes: I hung mine up with fabric pins that matched the color of the fabric.  Then (very technically, not really!) used a couple tiny pieces of scotch tape to hold up the C, G, L, and S.  You could use tack or more pins to do this too.

*Sorry I don’t have step-by-step photos.  I made the letters months ago and it didn’t cross my mind.

Like I said above, I’m excited how it turned out.  Later today I am heading out to find some string lights to hang up.  My lucky little lady has the master bedroom at the house we are renting and has a ceiling fan in her room.  At bedtime I unscrew the light bulbs from the fan so she isn’t able to turn them on and make the room bright.  I am wanting to get a string of lights to hang on the wall opposite the ABC’s to create a nice bedtime atmosphere for her and to provide an alternate light source for bedtime.  I’ll be posting about the new lights tomorrow!




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