Alcoholic Peach Iced Tea

teaOne of my New Year’s “resolutions” is to use up stuff around the house and to upcycle items found at home before going to the store to purchase something new.  You will see this coming up on the blog in the next couple months as I plan to upcycle come old clothes and use the fabric for some of my projects.

If you know me, you know I am a red wine gal.  The other week, I looked at our alcohol stash I noticed I have a decent amount peach schnapps still left over from making white wine spritzers for a party last summer.  I also have whipped and birthday cake vodka from a girls night (martini night) at my house.  So instead of running to the store to grab a bottle of cabernet, I decided to try something new.  Here it is… alcoholic peach iced tea.


To make the sweet tea:

6 cups water
4 black tea bags
1/3 cup sugar

1. Pour water into a small pot, add tea bags.  Turn on burner to high and allow the tea to steep for several minutes.   (I am no tea connoisseur, so there is probably a “correct” way to make black tea.  I however, don’t care.)  There is no need to boil the water, I just got mine nice and warm to help the tea steep.
2. Once your tea bags have done their jobs, remove them from the pot.  Add the sugar, stirring until dissolved.

Allow your tea to cool a bit (even let it come down to room temperature, so you don’t water it down with ice melting in your drink).

Alcoholic Peach Iced Tea:
1-1 1/4 cups sweet tea
1/2 shot vodka
1 1/2 shots peach schnapps

Mix all ingredient above in a tall glass.  Enjoy!

YUM!  This would be great on a hot summer day as the peach schnapps make it taste just like peach iced tea, but with the added benefit of it being booze-infused!

Happy Friday!

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