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joy6I’ve been meaning to get on here to post more regularly but life at my house seems to be pulling me in every direction imaginable.  Never a dull moment with my kids and it seems like I hardly have time to sit down.

I had been meaning to make this sign since the end of February.  (As you will see below, the other side is painted Valentine’s  with “Be Mine” and arrows).  But, like I just mentioned, my life seems to be a bit overly- busy at the minute.  Hopefully things will calm down a bit once the weather finally stabilizes into a warmer “spring” temp and then into summer.  My kids are not doing well with the change from winter-to-spring this year.  (Ear infections and colds like it’s cool at this house).

Yesterday, I finally decided to take my daughter’s special-ed preschool time and sit and watch some Netflix and make this sign.  You know, “me time” instead of cleaning a bathroom or doing a load of laundry.  The sign is now hanging in my front entry and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.  As mentioned in passing in other posts, my daughter has a lot of special needs and has some medical issues.  We are slowly starting to figure her out and get some more specialized treatments and therapies for her.  We are on a “journey” with her and the reminder to find joy in the process is a nice to have.


The placement of the sign at the door is also appropriate, I think, as it’s on the way out of the house.  Everyday is a “journey.”  Whether we are headed out the door to another doctor’s appointment or to a baseball game, we are reminded to find joy in the day.

For all of you wanting to make one of these signs too, I’ve included the pdf here and below in the directions:
Find Joy in the Journey

Find Joy in the Journey Sign

board (mine is 13×11 inches and 3/4 inch thick)
stain or paint of your choice
fine-tipped white Sharpie paint pen
hooks to hang sign up
ribbon, yarn, or twine
printer with printer paper & ink
pencil & pen
printable pdf Find Joy in the Journey

1. Prep your board.  Cut if necessary to your desired size.  Mine is 13×11 inches by 3/4 inch thick.  Feel free to use any size board you want that the saying fits onto.
2. Lightly sand and and stain or paint your board, allow to dry.
3. Print pdf Find Joy in the Journey from this page.
4. Transfer the outline onto your wood.  I did this by printing the pdf, flipping the paper over and “scribbling” with a pencil around the text (shown below).  Flip the paper right-side-up, onto your wood.  Using a pen, trace around the outside of the letters.  The pencil from the back of the paper should leave you a faint line to use as a guide.
5. Remove printed paper and trace the outline with your fine-tipped paint pen,  Go back and fill in with a “hashed” line, not filling it in perfectly (unless you want to).
6.  Allow to dry and add hooks.  I used the ones shown below that I just screwed in with my hand.  (Sorry, I don’t know what they are called).
7.  Hang with ribbon, yard, or twine.

Notes: I used a white Sharpie paint pen- fine tip I found at Walmart.

Pencil scribbles on the back of the printed text page, this allows the pencil to be transferred to the wood.

Flip the paper right-side-up.  Line up on your board and trace around.  This will leave a faint pencil outline to follow.

Do the outside of the font first and fill in.

Hooks used to hang the sign, just screwed in from the top. joy5

The other side… click HERE for the post about the Valentine’s sign.

Good Luck!

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