Re-stuff a Bean Bag

bean bag4

bean bag1

Isn’t that just a sad looking bean bag chair?  (Truth be-told, it’s actually more of a floor “poof” when it’s full).   I bought it 3-ish years ago and it has taken a beating.  I set out to perk it up a little and ran across this idea that I wanted to share.

bean bag 2

See all those plastic grocery bags?  I shoved them inside my bean bag.  Best part is, it’s FREE and it’s a great use for all the plastic bags we all tend to over-accumulate.  I have been trying lately to use our reusable shopping bags more when I go grocery shopping, but clearly I still had a bunch of the plastic bags in my house.

Incase you were wondering, the chair already made noise when you sat on it due to the filling, so adding the “crinkle” of the plastic bags isn’t noticeable.

Directions for this are pretty self-explanatory.   Don’t use any bags that held raw meat or are gross.  You will need either a safety pin or a paper clip to open your bean bag chair.  The zippers are made without pulls so that kids can’t open them.  My bag actually has a double zipper.  You have to get the first zipper pulled all the way down to the bottom to expose the second zipper.  Pretty nifty if you ask me!

bean bag3

Once you open your bean bag, be careful not to spill all those pellets.  Then start shoving the plastic bags into the bean bag.  I ended up shoving about 60 plastic bags in mine.  In all honesty, it could probably use another 10-20 bags to really perk it back up to more of a “poof.”

Notes: I tried to shove my plastic bags more towards the bottom of the bean bag and left the pellets towards the top.  (In the photo shown below, the bottom of my bean bag is actually at the top of the photo).

bean bag5

Once your bean bag is full of plastic bags, zip it back up and remove the safety pin or paper clip.  Enjoy your FREE filling!

bean bag6

Ah, much better!

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