Vodka Soda Lime


March, the saying is it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  That couldn’t be more true for our family.  March came in like a bang for us and we ended up spending a bit of time in the hospital with my daughter on March 1st.  The temperature changes does not sit well with either of my kids and they get sick in the fall-to-winter switch (November) and the winter-to-spring switch (March).  I am so excited and so ready for tomorrow to be April!  I realize nothing much changes between today and tomorrow, but it’s definitely a mental thing for me.  April brings the promise of even nicer weather and a “fresh” start, if you will, from March.

As we are inching into Spring and warmer weather, this is a nice fresh drink to kick it off!  This adult beverage is nice and light and crisp.  Would be PERFECT for a hot summer day!

The best part?  This is one of those “skinny girl drinks.”  Now, I’m not going to pretend like I’ve done the math on this one to figure out the calories, but I know it is on the lighter side as far as alcoholic beverages go.


Best part?  It’s pretty simple and straight forward and only requires 3 ingredients.

Vodka Soda Lime

2 ounces vodka
6-8 ounces club soda
handful of ice

Place ice, vodka, and club soda in a glass.  Squeeze some lime in, stir, and enjoy!


Cheers!  (And happy last day of March!)

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