Parmesan Popcorn


If you would ever get a chance to talk to my hubby and ask him what my favorite snack is, he would without a doubt tell you… parmesan popcorn.  I love it.  And to be fair, this really isn’t a recipe.  Seriously.  Sprinkling parmesan cheese on top of popcorn doesn’t really qualify as a recipe.

Never-the-less, I consume this probably 3-5 nights a week.  It’s a mighty good snack to eat while binge-watching your favorite show. (Anyone throwing back to Burn Notice?  I never watched it while it was on air, but I definitely have a bit of a crush on the actor Jeffery Donovan, the main character named Michael Weston on the show).   Best part is, if you air-pop or whirly-pop with only a little oil (like I do), you can eat the whole bowl of popcorn and not feel too guilty about it.  If you were to eat that same volume of potato chips, I’m guessing you just consumed 5x (or more) calories.

So without too much more to say about this… just pop up some popcorn.  As mentioned, I use my whirly-pop.  Pour your popcorn in a bowl, top with a little salt and parmesan and DONE! Snack away friends!


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