Recycled Hanging Planters


My peanut has some sleep problems.  She likes to wake up in the middle of the night randomly and stay awake for 2 hours.  I’m not joking.  It is not fun.  We have tried playing with her diet and schedule a bit, making sure she gets some sort of physical activity during the day, and limiting her screen time.  Nothing has stopped these random, middle-of-the-night parties in her room.


Per a suggestion of a family member, I bought some plants to go in her room that are supposed to give off more oxygen at night and help you sleep better.  While the plants haven’t proved to be entirely affective at keeping her asleep at night, they are adorable in her room.

I didn’t want to leave it to chance and just set the plants on top of her dresser.  I had a feeling that one day they might look interesting enough to entice her to pull them down.  As I wanted to avoid the imminent mess, I decided I either need to put a shelf up that would be out of reach or figure out a way to hang them.


Of course my next move was to check the Pinterest.  It’s my go-to on any sort of project.  This was no exception.  After looking through different shelving and hanging options, I opted for a DIY hanging planter.  These I made from 3 items in my recycling.  A V8 Juice bottle, a Jif peanut butter container and a Skippy peanut butter container.  (I tend wash and keep the big peanut butter containers.  As they have a nice screw lid, they are useful for putting stuff in and easy to ditch when you are done using them… painting, storing food, craft supplies, etc…)


First, make sure you wash our your recycled container.  Use goo-gone if necessary to remove any glue from the packaging.

Next, carefully use an exacto (utility) knife to cut the top off your recycling.  Try to make the cut around the top as even and smooth as possible.  Then, use some sand paper to sand around the top edge that you just cut.  Sanding the top will take away any sharp edges.

Using a power drill, fitted with a small bit, drill two small holes towards the top of the container.  They should be on opposite sides from each other and about 1-2 inches down from the top.

Next either spray paint or hand paint the container.  My white container is hand-painted with wall paint.  The two gold containers are spray painted.

Fill your new hanging planter with dirt and your plant.  Add some twine/string and hang on a screw or nail on the wall.  Enjoy your free, recycled planter!

Here they are, hanging above my daughter’s dresser in her room.

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