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It’s kind of sad how many kids, and I’m not talking just 8-year olds, I’m talking even teenagers, don’t know how to tell time with a non-digital clock.  Everyone is so used to checking the time on their phone that telling time on a clock like the one pictured above is becoming a bit of a lost art.  And for those who know how to read the time, it sometimes takes a bit of mental energy to figure it out.

My son is a kindergartener.  I’m excited to get this printable laminated later today and to start introducing it to him.  Sadly enough, we do not own a clock that he could practice with to tell the actual time.  Oops.  This will have to make do.

As with the other printables in this series, this is meant to be printed, laminated (or put into a clear page protector), and then used with dry erase markers or crayons.  REUSABLE!  SCORE!

Click the link below to access the free pdf printable.
Telling Time

I highly recommend printing this on card stock and printing another activity on the reverse side.  Then laminate it, 3-hole punch it, and use book rings to make a “binder” to hold your printed activity sheets together.  Check out my original post HERE that describes how to make a “binder.”

These “binders” are great for travel, doctor’s offices, road trips, restaurants.  The goal is to have several activity pages that will keep your child’s interest for sometime without an iPad or other touch-screen device.  I’m limiting the accessories needed to use with my printables to 2 dice, dry erase markers or crayons, play dough, and snacks.

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