Pig Dice Game Printable


Happy Monday!   Here’s a printable with the instructions on it for the dice game “Pig.”
Players will roll 1 dice and continue until they want to “hold” their total or they roll the number 1.  If a number 1 is rolled, no points are scored that turn.  The first player to get to 100 wins!

Click the link below for the free pdf printable game of the Pig Dice Game

I have made this game easy to keep track of the points.  Just cross off the score as you go.  If you laminate or use this in a clear page protector you can reuse the game board over and over again.  Check out my original post HERE about making a travel “binder”  book with activities for the kids.  They are great for traveling, road trips, doctors offices, restaurants, etc…  Use with dry erase markers or crayons and the fun never stops!  Just erase and start again.

The main goal behind these “binders” is to have a screen-free way to entertain your kids that doesn’t take up much space or need many accessories.  I’m trying to limit the accessories needed for these binders to 2 dice, dry erase markers or crayons, play dough, and snacks (if you choose to print and use them).

I also recommend printing these games on card stock and printing an activity on both the front and the back of the piece of card stock before laminating. Once you laminate the activity, use a 3-hole punch and book rings to connect several pages together.  You’re set!


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