ABC Tracing Printable

ABC tracing

My daughter loves letters.  She loves to trace them, she loves ABC puzzles, basically she loves letters.  This printable will be a favorite of hers.

Both of my kids like to have printed coloring pages to do.  By laminating this one (and others that they like) I am able to wipe it off and let them start over again.  It ends up saving on paper and ink, which is a major plus in my house.  My littles are definitely aspiring artists and could color all day.

So as before, these  Spring Break Travel Activity printables I’m doing are meant to either be placed into a clear page protector or laminated.  Then use with dry erase markers or crayons and you can reuse them until your little one is bored.  You can also just use them as is, as a worksheet.

To make into a travel “binder” book, simply print (card stock is recommended and print on both sides of the paper), laminate, 3-hole punch and use book rings to secure!


They are great for traveling, road tripping, doctors visits, restaurants, any where you want to entertain your kid and do so screen-free.   Wipe off and reuse!

See my post on how to get started here.

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