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Have you seen the quote “the mountains are calling and I must go”?  I love the mountains! Looking into my photos to find a mountain landscape to use for this game made me want to go back and visit Colorado.  The Rocky Mountains are just so gorgeous and relaxing.

Fun fact about me, I lived in Colorado for a little over a year.  It was fabulous.  We used to go hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park on the weekends.  It was so much fun to get out and explore different trails and see the different wildlife hanging around.  One time we even saw a moose!  My son was beyond thrilled.

Continuing on with the printable entertainment series I’m doing this month, here is an easy game called “Mountain Climber.”  I’ve listed 2 different ways to play the game based on how old the kids are who are playing.  If they are older and can do subtraction, use the bottom rules.  If they are younger and have shorter attention spans, use the top rules.  Or, be creative and make up your own rules.

All you will need to play this game is a pair of dice and something to mark your spot (coins, scrap of paper, trinkets, you could even use the dry-erase markers or crayons and keep wiping your old spot off).  Roll the dice and either add or subtract the numbers together.  Move forward the correct number of spaces.  Alternate players.  First player to get to the finish wins.

Find the free pdf printable here:
Mountain Climber Game

As with this entire series, the games and activities I’m making are meant to be either laminated or put into a clear page protector.  Dry erase markers or crayons work well on either clear surface.  I recommend printing on card stock (an activity on both sides) and then laminating.  Use a 3-hole punch and 3 book rings to hold the activity/travel binder together to create your reusable book.  These are great for airplane travel, road trips, doctor’s offices, restaurants, etc..  (Click HERE to get full details on how to make a travel “binder.”


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