Skittles Rainbow Line Up Printable


Anyone getting excited that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner?  This is a two-for-one activity.  Great for the travel “binder” or just to use as is for St. Patty’s.  I am waiting to laminate mine until I have another page to print on the back.  I like to print on card stock and print on both sides so that when I laminate there is only 1 piece of paper and the images don’t show through to the other side with the thicker paper.

Skittles, taste the rainbow!  That’s the idea behind this printable.  Print it, laminate it or shove it into a clear page protector.  Line up the Skillets (clearly I did not have the correct bag of Skittles at my house, this is to go with the original red bag of Skittles).

To use: This is good for fine motor skills, colors, sorting, counting, etc.  Once you get them lined up you can talk with your older kids about which color has the most.  What happens if you eat 2 of the green ones, how many do you have left (subtraction and math!)  Eat them up and enjoy!

Click below for the free Skittles Rainbow pdf printable:

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