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It’s been a busy day today here.  My daughter had her very first gymnastics tonight through community ed.  (It actually started last week, but I didn’t remember until there was 2 minutes left of class.  Mom fail.)

We also had my son’s “Sport Sampler” tonight through community ed.  Luckily these only overlap 2 times,  so today and next Tuesday are very full in terms of extra-curricular’s after school.  I can only image what our lives are going to be like come middle school and high school!  YIKES!  I’m already a bit nervous…

I really love to get my kids out of the house though and participating in events, sports, swimming, the Children’s Museum, etc… Good experiences that they will hopefully remember and look back on fondly and hopefully teach them something!

Anyways, enough rambling about that.  Today I’m giving you guys Tic Tac Toe as a free pdf printable.  Click the link below to open:
Tic Tac Toe

To use this: print and laminate (or use page protectors).  Then use either dry erase markers or crayons and play marking X’s and O’s alternating turns until either the board is filled (no one wins) or someone gets 3 of their letter in a row.  Erase and repeat.  Check out my first post on what the whole idea behind the laminating the pages to create a travel “binder” book entails, HERE.

If you want to be “fancy” print the 2nd page of the printable.  This is optional. Cut the X’s and O’s out and laminate them (not allowing them to touch when they are placed in the laminator sheets).  Cut them out individually again and use for play on top of the board.  Stash them away in a ziplock bag or some where safe in-between games.

Notes: I will photo what that set-up looks like tomorrow afternoon with the pieces for the Tic Tac Toe board.

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