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As mentioned before, every day in March I am uploading a printable activity that can be used in a DIY travel activity “binder” book.  I’ve coined this my “March Madness” project.  Today is Day 3: Counting 1-100 printable travel activity.   Click here to see the original post that describes the project in more detail.

Click the link below for a free pdf printable

To use:
This one is really up to you on how you choose to use this printable.  Practice counting up to and backwards from 100.  Use your dry erase markers or crayons and practice “skip” counting.  2’s, 5’s, 10’s, etc…

If you are at a beach, you could use it to find and count small rocks and shells.  You could also use it with play dough and make 100 little play dough balls that you could use to cover the numbers.

Get creative and think of a game to play, like “I’m thinking of a number.”  Proceed to ask questions to narrow down what number it is.  Examples: is it bigger or smaller then 50?  Is it in the 70’s?  Does it have the number 2 in it?  Cross off the wrong numbers with your dry erase marker or crayon as you go and figure out what the number is.  Erase and repeat, switching roles.

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