Spring Break Travel Activities


March Madness.  Not just a college basketball phrase.  March is when families travel to warmer locations on spring break.  Traveling with kids might make you want to hide under your covers, but fear not!  I’m here to help you prep.

I’m starting a bit late, but every day in March, I plan to upload a printable activity.  You can either use it as is, shove it into a page protector and throw it into a binder or 3-prong folder, or laminate it (I will be laminating mine as we go).

The printables will range from play dough mats, to games, to learning-based activities (keep them entertained and teaching them is always a plus!)  I will try to vary the age group that would be interested in the printable (I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old).  With each post I will also describe how to use the printable (not to say you won’t find other ways to use them).

If you look below you can see the activity “binder.”   By printing the pages on card stock and printing an activity on the front and back of the card stock will keep it relativity light-weight and easy to pack.  The idea is to provide screen-free entertainment for the little ones.  These are great to make even if you aren’t going on a crazy spring break adventure.  These are perfect for the diaper bag, to have in the car on long road-trips, or to bring into a restaurant to keep your kids entertained.



Supplies you will need:
White card stock or printer paper
Laminator sheets
3-hole punch
(3) Circular “book” rings for each “binder” you are making



Notes: you can substitute clear page protectors and a 3-prong folder or a binder for the laminator, laminator sheets, and the book rings.

Supplies that activities will require:
Play dough
Hot wheels car (1-2)
Dice (2)
Dry erase markers or crayons (Crayola sells some that are washable!  Notice the crayons in the images, they are the Crayola dry erase crayons.)
Snacks: Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Gold Fish, Skittles

Notes:  If you choose not print and use all the pages that I am going to post, you may not need all the supplies for the activities.  I am including the list as a start point, to let you kind of know what we are getting into.

Today’s first printable, I’m going to kick off with 2 activities! Dots & Boxes and Hangman! Please click the following link for the free pdf printable:

*These printables will require either dry erase markers or crayons along with an “eraser” (small cloth, baby wipe, etc…) to erase the game board.

Dots & Boxes Directions:
With 2 players, alternate connecting 2 dots with a straight line.  Once a “box” has been made, write the player’s initial in the box who finished making the box.  The game is over when all the boxes have made.  The winner is the player with the most boxes.

Hangman Directions:
Have one player choose a word.  Without telling the other player(s) the word, draw a dash under the hangman for every letter in the word.  (Example, “apple” would have 5 dashes drawn).  The other player guesses letters to try to spell the word.  Cross off every guess from the ABC line.  For every correct letter guess, fill the correct letter in on the dash.  For every incorrect letter, draw a piece of the hangman, starting with his head.  Continue drawing the hangman for each additional incorrect letter guess by adding a body, legs, feet, arms, hands, face, etc.. until the hangman is complete or the word is guessed.  If the word remains unguessed, the first player wins.  If the word is completed before the hangman, the second player wins.  Switch roles and repeat!

Click for more free pdf printables:
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