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Starbucks carries some pre-packaged food that is actually healthy and temping to pick up when you are out and about.  Only problem is the price tag.  Some of their little pre-packaged meals are not all that economical to eat on a regular basis.  Today I’m going to share two of my own versions of  a “Bistro Box.”

So while I didn’t just shove the same ingredients into the bistro box as they did, I made ones similar that have ingredients I like and typically have at my house.  One of the boxes that Starbucks markets is their protein box that contains a hard boiled egg.  Sticking with Meatless Monday’s here, I’ve got 2 meatless options that both contain a hard boiled egg.

These are great options for weekday lunches that don’t require much prep.  They are easy to grab on the go and won’t disappoint.  Healthy and easy.  DONE!

Box #1 contains:
10 Triscuit Crackers, Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil flavored
10 slices Pepper Jack Cheese
1 hard boiled egg
1 cutie, peeled
10 baby carrots
6 cherry tomatoes
1 Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate

*Notes about box #1, use whatever crackers and cheese you like.  I like (relatively) spicy foods, doubling up the Pepper Jack Cheese with the Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits makes a good spicy pairing, if you get what I’m saying!  If you don’t like spicy foods, maybe opt for Original Triscuits with a Co-Jack cheese.

Box #2 contains:
1 (1.76 oz) container Wild Garden Hummus Dip- Roasted Garlic Flavor
8 cherry tomatoes
15 slices cucumber (which was 1/2 of my cucumber)
1 hard boiled egg
1 macadamia nut cookie

*Notes about box #2, Wild Garden has several flavors of the individual-servings hummus packets available.  I have had the individually packaged Traditional, Roast Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomato flavors.  They are all good!  To tell the truth, and any hummus would work well in the Bistro Box.  To eat the hummus, I rip open the top open and squeeze it onto my veggies.  It’s delightful!

Just a little FYI- the Traditional hummus packet is only 63 calories, the Roasted Garlic is 123 calories and the Sun-Dried Tomato flavor is 63 calories.


These containers were purchased on Amazon by my mother-in-law.  She thought I could use some and gave me 2 yesterday!  Here’s the link so you can find them yourself: Freshware 3 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes

Don’t those look yummy and healthy next to each other!  I am excited!  They also stack nicely and the food areas are sealed separately, meaning your food shouldn’t leak into each other (if you were to put a salad with dressing on one side it wouldn’t leak all over your other food).

Be sure to keep your eye out for these boxes to make many more appearances on the blog… I’m full of ideas!


*This post may contain affiliate links. Happy Bistro Boxes and Meatless Monday!


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